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Sunday, October 28, 2007

An "English Grand Committee"

The Tories have been backed into a political corner over the 'English vote on English matters' debate, and it is not a pretty place they find themselves.

Personally, I'm all for it on every level as it is 'unfinished business', as so much that Tony Blair started, he never had the intelligence, political insight or drive to actually finish. A man driven by the next day's headlines, he proposed and tried to implement so many half-arsed ideas that sounded good and got middle-England cheering, but which were never able to be completed, or were abandoned before starting. Remember 'Marching offenders to cash-machines', anyone?

Anyway, Sir Malkie has done a fine job of pandering to the Daily Mail readers (and I mean that in as disparaging a manner as is humanly possible) whilst dressing it up as some kind of answer to the West Lothian question.

In practice, as any fule kno, it is the inevitable consequence of devolution and the inevitable next step before the UK dissolves.

IIRC, Brian Wilson campaigned against devolution citing this as the probable outcome. Which persuaded the rest of us to campaign even harder.

I love the prospect of having different classes of MPs, with presumably some debates and votes open to English and Welsh MPs whilst others will be for the English only, and presumably some for the Scots or the Welsh alone. As most members have little idea what to do unless instructed by the Whips, I forecast.

No-one seems to know where the Northern Ireland MPs fit in all of this. Probably everyone is trying to ignore them as usual, but no doubt there will be the usual 'special arrangements' involving Sinn Fein and the DUP screwing an enormous number of concessions, or they will threaten to return to the Chamber.


Anonymous said...

Classical case of shooting yourself in the foot. The Conservatives are known in Scotland as the Conservative and Unionist party. Annabel Goldie will be REALLY happy with this.

By the way, Angus, you're an SNP man at heart, even if you got kicked out. Do you want the UK to be dissolved?

Anonymous said...

Be careful what you wish for it may come true.

now that the English want rid of us, do we in true contrary scots fashion change our minds.

Theres a big difference in leaving or being thrown out.

Anonymous said...

I predict that within the next 10 (possibly 5) years the UK will break up (I'll be so sad, I will cry right into the celebration cake I will be making) this is due, mainly, in my estimation to the bad media management of the BBC, firstly and the polititians, secondly. If they had got right behind Scottish Nationalism when we got in there was always a chance we would never see our goal.

Unfortunately, for them, they just stood on the sidelines and sniped (along with TB and GB) and there fore gave us a chance to realise our dream!

I cannot believe they were so stupid...I really can't! I am so glad, that barring natural disaster, or the man made kindthat the last government was so good at, I will see a free Scotland in my lifetime! (Given that I will live another 5-10 years)

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.47
BBC Scotland are so pro SNP I have heard Reporting Scotland refered to as Reporting Salmond,I really cannot fathom your BBC argument comes from.

Nationalism is a horrible cult which is devoid of any principals or desire to change the world for the better. Our esteemed MSP declared the reason he wanted to get into politics was to create a border. How that helps tackle issues such as health , education or poverty I will never know.

I cant believe how narrow minded nationalists are and cannot understand why people on these islands vote for a party who do not give two hoots about the Western Isles but will only use AA's vote to consolidate the SNP's position.

In a nutshell, grow up anon 3.47 and go and watch Braveheart again , the foundation of "political" thinking within the snp.

Anonymous said...

Typical cornered animal (Laudrup) faithful till the end and still spitting venom.
Can’t accept the free voters of Scotland were offered a chance to stop TB/GB and get a message over that enough was enough.
Never mind the icing on the cake – a vote on an Independent Scotland in my lifetime.
No other party was brave enough to offer the people real choice and the choice to vote for any party after delivery. I am not scared of facing that, and if I find out what I voted for does not work or is not the Democratic wish of the people then I am man enough to admit it. Who are the Labour party to deny me that or scare me into a corner?

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.36
Are you naive enough to suggest that if a referendum is granted- causing untold economic damage (see Quebec) that The SNP will accept the result ( last election 60%+ in favour of the union)?

Free by 2003, heaven by 2007.... the SNP will just demand referendum after referendum.

At the end of the day Nationalists are only in politics to cause division in an age where International co operation is seen as the way forward.

Anonymous said...

laudrop - I believe I've heard you called loud mouth (I had my fingers crossed, too) the only reason that the SNP gets ANY mention on Reporting Scotland - is the same reason the Labour Party get coverage on the news channels down south. Just before the election we did get some coverage, they couldn't be seen to be biased, but as a rule five years before the election.... we were nowhere to be seen, oh, except for bad news stories!

Anonymous said...

The Tories have been backed into a political corner over the 'English vote on English matters' debate, and it is not a pretty place they find themselves.

Cobblers jimmy! It's shite new labour who have been manhandled you plonker! What can "British" Gordon the brown bottle do about it? Nothing!

Personally, I'm all for it on every level as it is 'unfinished business'

Yes unfinished 'til England get's it's own parliament again that is!
Oh what will you do when you have to pay your own way jimmy?

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.47

At least laudrup is articulate and talks sense.