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Friday, October 19, 2007

Overworked politicians

Just when you thought they couldn't work any harder, Harriet Harperson - the Mary Poppins of the Commons - blows in from goodness knows where she normally hides away to announce that she has sprinkled the masses with fairy dust. Perhaps that is Peter Pan which ruins the analogy, but as we are talking mysterious events without a basis in reality accuracy is not at a premium on a Friday night.

The announcement?: that the underemployed are to get an extra four days holiday next year, bringing their holidays up to an exceptional 18 weeks a year. Bastards. The justifciation? According to the BBC:

Variations in the number of Fridays when the Commons is open for business mean it is likely that MPs will sit for a greater number of days in 2007-8 than in the previous 12-month period.

Last time I looked there was only one Friday each week, but bugger me if it all makes sense. More Fridays next year means more days at work and more days on holidays and still only 366 days in the year which just explains why I am a mere mortal and not an MP. Still, with a final salary pension of 1/40 of annual salary for each year served (plus a top up on loss of seat), the job obviously requires a certain dedication to greed that is missing in mere mortals.

As MSPs try to bring their pension arrangements up to the level enjoyed by MPs to ensure that any lost allowances, scams and missed mortgage payments are duly reimbursed. The public can show their appreciation that their elected representatives have got the right priorities by emailing them, although you should be aware that sweary words probably won't get through the filters on the email servers


Anonymous said...

teachers, council workers and NHS are the 3 that spring to mind who get a get a 40th pension scheme. MPs decided to give each other a 50th scheme, unheard of anywhere else. Us poor self employed, well we have the state pension to look forward to!

Anonymous said...

Followed your link to Mr Macneil MPs web site he has the following strange boast "This MP's speeches are understandable to an average 16–17 year old, going by the Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level score." That will come in useful !

Anonymous said...

Followed your link to Mr Macneil MPs voting record and then decided to have a quick look at Alex Salmond.
Am I reading it right when it says that Alex Salmond has only been to Westminster once (July!) since he was elected to the Scottish Parliament in May?
How must the good people of Banff & Buchan feel that their views are not being represented nationally?