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Friday, October 19, 2007

Wave power

Oscillating water column wave tidal powerThe picture illustrates how an oscillating water column power station works, and this one is already installed in Islay.

It is therefore very exciting that a new version based on a sea-based free-standing breakwater is being proposed for the Siadar area of Lewis.

I really hope that as many people as possible will attend the presentation being made by the developers at Airidhantuim school next weekend, as it has the opportunity to provide substantial benefits for the community, and more importantly, it holds great possibilities for the exploitation of wave and tidal power off the West Coast of Lewis.

We are in great danger, as I keep repeating, of losing the development and implementation of this technology to the Pentland Firth, which is the Government's new preferred location for testing, and the absence of political support for this project is harming it greatly.

For those who oppose wind turbines, successful implementation of this technology could provide the best argument against land based power, and with the fishermen behind this scheme it seems to offend no-one. Or have I spoken too soon?


Anonymous said...

oh i am quite sure this will offend someone! Probably non-fishing Englishmen that believe it will spoil the view they get at the cottage they use for two weeks a year!

Anonymous said...

your so excited you forgot to tell us what you want us to attend?
Wavegen have been around a while but no sure if they manufacture anything but prototypes. I would like to know more.

Angus said...

Anon 2:21, thank you very much for spotting this omission. I've added the clause about Airidhantuim school.

Anonymous said...

Shame on the usual anti English comment in my Village all the holiday homes are owned and used occasionally by either main land Scots or Stornoway residents!