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The truths they don't want you to read....

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Isles FM

I did the early morning political punter thing on Isles FM on Monday morning in the company of Callum Ian MacMillan, and overseen by Iain X MacIver, discussing the major political events over the past few months.

We insulted Ming Campbell and the LibDems.

Abused the Tories over their English Grand Committee scheme (I was for as it was the thin end of the wedge for Scottish Independence; Callum Ian was against as it was the thin end of the wedge for Scottish Independence).

We had a debate about Gordon Brown's (non-)performance in the House of Commons.

Then when the chat turned to RET, my compadre tried to claim that the SNP should have delivered on RET by now. I robustly pointed out that the delay was largely caused by the Labour Party forcing the tendering exercise on CalMac, and that given the legal and practical difficulties no-one could have delivered by this point. (That's not to say that a clear, unambiguous timetable for delivery is conspicuously absent, and I have my cynical doubts about the 'promise'). I made a point of praising Cllr Donald Manford, SNP Group Leader on the Comhairle for his successes to date.

I highlighted my concern about the absence of any statement on the Air Discount Scheme proceeding - and the outcome of my FoI request will appear here soon.

Finally, the discussion turned to my DPA request from the SNP as featured elsewhere on this blog.

Today, despite admitting that they hadn't heard the broadcast, Alan Masterton, the Parliamentary Assistant to the MSP was on the phone to Isles FM complaining that assorted supporters had heard the broadcast and apparently were upset by the lack of balance. For which read, they were embarrassed by the further revelations that the DPA request has brought out, and they don't want me on the airwaves again. Clearly ignorance places no restrictions on the desire to complain.

Looks like another attempt to gag me....what are they scared of???

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