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The truths they don't want you to read....

Monday, October 15, 2007

Data Protection Act (1)

Presciently, on Friday I received a DVD at the office from the Information Commissioner entitled "The lights are on...." which providing training and understanding for everyone involved in the application of the DPA.

On Saturday I received the response to the DPA request that I submitted to the SNP in August.

Seven pages, comprising a covering letter (2 pages), 3 emails (4 pages) and my expulsion email (I've never received a hard copy, or even one with the right name on it!).

So what were the SNP hiding that they were so slow in responding - allegedly 'due to pressure of work' - to my request? Well, I think I spotted a forged email, and I'm going to copy the emails exactly and precisely for others to judge. One day at a time.

Firstly, an email I never received (bear in mind I had a year previously intimated I was not going to stand as an SNP Candidate in May 2006):

From: Ian McCann []
Sent: 01 March 2007 11:05
Subject: Blog


I’ve just been looking at your blog. While I recognise that there is a light-hearted element to many blogs, I am afraid that there are still certain expectations that we have from SNP councillors. Most particular amongst these is these is you offering the possibility that you may run as an Independent MSP. Clearly to do so would invalidate your membership of the SNP, so even speculating about that possibility offers our opponents the notion that you are intent on leaving the Party.

Can I ask you to either remove that element from your online poll, or if it is your intention to leave the SNP, to advise me of that.

Yours for Scotland

Ian McCann
Party Clerk

Scottish National Party

Tel: 0131 525 8903 Fax: 0131 525 8901

Skype In: 0131 208 1984
Skype: ianmac1970


Anonymous said...

A forged e-mail? That's quite a claim. I'm sure there is technology available which could prove of disprove whether the e-mail was sent.

Anonymous said...

poor Ming, I feel sorry for him, it is a bad idea to replace wholesale with youngsters from the top down. I hope that nothing like that is ever allowed to take place in the SNP

Anonymous said...

sorry above E-mail was supposed to go with the above story. However to this one i say, IF you can trace the above e-mail, I think you've got at least one of your culprets!

Anonymous said...

facist scum, the snp!

Anonymous said...

I have noticed that the times allocated to comments do not always (if ever) relate to the actual time a comment was submitted.
As a test the time on my computer screen ( and 3 clocks within my view) is 22:48

Angus said...

The time allocated to the posting is when I approve the comment, rather than the time you write it. Not my choice, but the way Blogspot is configured.

Anonymous said...

is this the poll that scared the SNP? you are kidding that they took this seriously. obviously Allan grassed you up immediately it went on line. he must be so proud of himself.