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Friday, February 01, 2008

Eishken wind farm inquiry delayed

Thanks to Hebrides News for drawing my attention to the calling and now postponing of the Beinn Mhor Power Public Inquiry into the proposed windfarm in Eishken.

Apparently, the Government failed to notify objectors of the Inquiry, and consequently the whole process of holding the Inquiry has to start again.

The phrase 'piss-up in a brewery' springs to mind.

Is this to be a 'time limited public inquiry' that our MP promised was the best way forward for the applications? I doubt it, as the results are not expected before 2010, which is the worst of all worlds. I always said a PLI would satisfy no-one, and I think I am sure that I will be proved right.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Hebridean News, do you know who they are? They do seem to get some stories from inside the Comhairle surprisingly quickly - ahead of the Gazette and WHFP. The website domain name details are hidden, so people can't find out who owns the website. Why hide it?

Anonymous said...

Bearing in mind Gazette and WHFP dont exactly chase storys that would not be tricky!

Mr Oppenheimer will be sick as ye olde parrot

That will stop him sneaking in below the radar.

Having been told about the 'Appropriate Assesor' form for Lewis wind power (has anyone seen the letter from the Gov to AMEC yet - or is it all rumour?) I am told that this also now has a huge negative bearing on Eishken.

I am also told that there are/has been 3 different applications for Eishken, and theer is a lot of confusion among locals (and planners!)as to where things stand.

Anyone shed any light?

Is this to be a phased development?

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.36PM

Despite a civil service cock-up in not notifying objectors about the pre-inquiry meeting (probably a Labour supporting civil servant trying to bring the Scottish Government into disrepute I'm sure there's a lot of that going on), the actual inquiry date remains the same.

While the inquiry will consider all 53 proposed turbines on Eishken, the developer is seeking permsission for 16 of them under a separate application the Comhairle itself will have to determine as it's below the power generation threshold that would trigger the application going before the Scottish Government.

Anonymous said...

Yes it seems that Hebrides News (what numpty if fronting up that?) hasn't got the facts quite right. Word is - the inquiry goes on as planned on the due date.

Anonymous said...

The Pre-Enquiry meeting had to be postponed and from today's information (4th Feb), no fresh date has yet been set for the pre-enquiry hearing.

To lead evidence at the full enquiry, you require to register your interest, if you have not already done so, with emma butler at the following address. She should then notify all interested parties of the forthcoming dates.

For the avoidance of doubt, I understand it is not a prerequisite of your appearance or representation at the full enquiry to have registered an interest before now.

Anonymous said...

Again Labour are made to look like Muppets from some of the postings on this thread.

Do try and keep up.

Anonymous said...

looks like it might be time to gently remind folk again that they don't have to give names!