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The truths they don't want you to read....

Monday, February 25, 2008


My previous posting about the SNP AGM on Friday has provoked some correspondence from current SNP Branch Members.

Without exception, the Members who have contacted me have confirmed that they were totally unaware of the AGM; that it was not advertised for two weeks in a row in the Gazette, as required by the constitution; and that there has been absolutely no communication from the Branch.

Except, of course, to the inner circle.

One correspondent asked ME to provide them with contact details for the Branch, and they were very disappointed that there had been no direct contact since they became a new member, and absolutely no attempt to involve them in any Branch activities.

Another person commented that they were regularly and pointedly snubbed by senior members of the Branch.

I'm not sure that I'll be able to give a full report of the AGM, as I'm, not sure anyone was actually there....


Laudrup said...

Makes good sense to me

They need new members for the coffers but they cant let them know how disturbed the hierarchy are with "freedom" bullocks,otherwise they would jump ship.Hence they dont invite them to "meetings" or any branch "activities".


Anonymous said...

Well, I was there, as can be seen by the draft minutes. My name is between Mr R. Perrin and Mr J. Stonehouse (MP).

Anonymous said...

I'm sure I saw you there Lord Lucan, I was just behind Shergar and next to the Tooth Fairy.

Anonymous said...

Is the SNP the party that won the Scottish Parliamentary elections in the Western Isles by promising to oppose windfarms, and also the party that threw someone out for being opposed to windfarms??

Anonymous said...

re: 9.08

ok angus, no need to reply to your own blog AGAIN!!!

Anonymous said...

There was a presentation at the meeting to congratulate our new MSP on his election victory. He was given a George Foreman Grill machine.

Rather perplexed our hero said, do you think I need to lose weight?

No said "X", its to give you another way to brown your meat.