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The truths they don't want you to read....

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My secret mole

I spoke this morning to 'my secret mole in the Council', as I called him in front of some of his colleagues.

The Chair of Transportation, Cllr Manford, had a good laugh about that as he didn't get the detail of the announcement until Tuesday. He was concerned to know if people really thought he was my mole, or if people wanted to believe he was the mole. "The latter", I told him.

However, another colleague from Tech Services was happy to point out to me that some of the distances used by the Government (or their consultants) in calculating the costs were inconsistent, and that the official Press Release was therefore not correct.

They were off to Inverness for a Hi-Trans meeting about RET, from which they hoped to leave with more answers than questions.

Cllr Manford was not looking forward to his return to Barra this weekend, where he was going to have to explain why RET meant higher - rather than lower - fares.

Obviously, this saga will run and run, and at some point I will have accurate and complete details of costs - except for Commercials, where I think the facts will remain obscure(d).


Anonymous said...

Come on Angus start an argument were all getting bored out here. Some of us are actually at the point of doing some work.

Anonymous said...

Are moles the new Pet shop toy of choice?

Anonymous said...

Are church 'sources' holy moleys.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:51pm
You are obviously a Civil Servant working for the Comhairle or the Health Board. How the other half live and then complain that their fat pensions aren't big enough.
There's your argument.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a mole intoduction scheme is what is needed for job creation.

RSPB/SNH have lots of folk erradicating hedgehogs and mink. How many people would be needed to erradicate moles?!

Anonymous said...

The press release from the government states that the RET fare for Oban to Castlebay/Lochboisdale is £10.95 per passenger and £48.33 for a car.

The summer 2008 fares are £21.95 for a passenger and £81.00 for a car.

Using a 5 day return, the summer 2008 fares are £18.75 for a passenger and £68.50 for a car.

Even using your "6 ticket" argument, the summer 2008 fares are £15.50 for a passenger and £48.33 for a car.

I'm sure Councillor Manford is justifiably proud that his party's government have brought lower fares to Barra, as promised in their manifesto.

Anonymous said...

Angus, your interpretation of a "saga" leaves a lot to be desired.