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The truths they don't want you to read....

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A missed opportunity....

This link to the BBC news site opens a new window. Picture 9 shows just what we could be adding to solving the problem of renewable energy. Or even be world leaders.


Anonymous said...

I know - it's enough to make you weep in sheer frustration.

We are ideally positioned to take advantage of a number of these renewable resources - tho' clearly I'm not including solar energy in that list...

And I'm talking as someone who is not even convinced that 'Global Warming' is due to carbon emissions, or that the temp changes we are experiencing are an 'unusual' phenomenon in itself.

However, it is absolutely CRAZY to continue to use fossil fuels at our current rate - we are going to be held hostage, more and more, by some of the most unsavoury countries on the planet - and I'm including Russia in that list.

Anonymous said...

Well, let's see now:

'Wind farms' are in vogue SOLELY because of the subsidy which other taxpayers are forced to pay.

They do not reduce CO2 emissions; they do not replace conventional generation at all.

Therefore, the only purpose in building wind farms is to take money from other taxpayers while providing nothing in return. There's a name for such behavior.

End of story. What ant-windfarm campaigners need to do is acquaint the public with the facts behind the scam, and start to put pressure on the government to 1) change its policies, and 2) to force those who make claims about 'emissions reductions' to either prove their point, or to be prosecuted for making false claims.

Of course, there are plenty of folk who are well aware that wind farms are a swindle, but who simply don't give a damn because they stand to make money--taxpayer money--from it.

I'm willing to bet that as times get harder (and they are) the public backlash against the windfarm scam, and all its advocates, will grow in proportion.

It's gonna be just a wee bit hard to shut someone up who's having trouble feeding, clothing and sheltering his family when he's told that he must fork out more and more money for a scam, yes?

Anonymous said...

dear Don mac, hate to disabuse you of the notion that because we don't get A LOT of sun we therefore cannot have any use for solar power - think how much local citizens could save by a simple roof of photocells. why, usually even our most miserable days produce SOME sun, you might even say we are in a better position than most of the mainland to produce electricity. Being so far north, particularly if we could store it.

Anonymous said...

And I don't see the Portuguese tourist industry having suffered in the slightest by installing any of these initiatives.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:24 PM

Maybe that's because they haven't put them where they will be a problem for tourists.

I think you will also find that Portugal is slightly bigger than the Isle of Lewis and therefor they will probably be able to tuck them away out of sight. I can't somehow see any of these methods for power generation being allowed to interfere with the tourists who visit the Algarve and spend shed loads of money there.

Anonymous said...

au contraire Cpt Swinger. they are everywhere in the Algarve. and the tourists don't notice them.

See photos here or do a search.

Anonymous said...

Or perhaps the Sultana of Swing might want to watch and listen to this clip of turbines in action.

The commentary reads....
This turbines turn wind energy into electricity. :-) They're located at a really really windy area in Soutwestern Portugal, in Algarve, near the coast (Sagres).

It doesn's seem very noisy when you're a bit away and/or not against the wind. But if you get close and the wind is against you, there's noise, yes.

I think this is in a "protected" natural area, so i don't know the effect it has on any wildlife around.

Too many facts for MWT to understand??? They prefer scare tactics and nimbyism.

don mac said...

Anon 12:51. Yes, much truth in what you say, and the huge sums available are so that the Government reaches it's 'renewable' targets.

But, it's a fait accompli. So why shouldn't we take advantage - whilst helping to develop a system which COULD ultimately deliver a genuinely usable source of clean energy, such as using the energy from wind/wave (ok, and sun...)to produce Hydrogen?

Looks to me as tho' it's this or nuclear - probably both.

Anon 1:53, I was being facetious - tho' I suspect we'll never have solar panels such as those in Portugal.

Unless I'm wrong about Global Warming...

Anonymous said...

Cpt Swing.

Turbines are beside the tourist areas in Tenerife and don't cause any problems there.

Turbines are beside the tourist areas in most Greek islands and don't cause any problems there.

Turbines are beside the tourist areas in Turkey and don't cause any problems there.

Turbines are beside the tourist areas in Las Vegas/Palm Springs and don't cause any problems there.

Turbines are beside the tourist areas in California and don't cause any problems there.

Turbines are beside the tourist areas in Northern Spain and don't cause any problems there.

Turbines are beside the tourist areas in Wales and don't cause any problems there, except at the B&B owned by the dickhead who write to the Gazette. But that says more about him.

So this looks to be a peculiarly Lewis problem. Why could that be? MWT/RSPB/NIMBY bullshit perhaps?

Anonymous said...

I use a pseudonym so that those who care to read my ramblings know who wrote them. Why is it that others can't do the same thing so that at least we can all see who is saying what and whether they are consistent, or is that what they are afraid of, that they may be caught out being hypocritical. Or are they so thick that they can't even think up a suitable name, or are they likely to forget what name they have given themselves. There are far to many anon's who have too much to say.

Me, of course I am going to hide behind a pseudonym I live on the Westside and I am proud to be a NIMBY. I will jump on any band wagon RSPB, SNH, MWT etc in order to try and prevent the hideous proposal that is LWP. I want to protect my way of life, the value of my property, and yes the flora and fauna that surrounds me. The Isle of Lewis does not need a wind farm, it does however need people to live here in order to survive. If the wind farm goes ahead it will be as disastrous for Lewis as the clearances were in the Highlands.

I have had a look at some of the pictures and video kindly pointed out to me, non of them, I repeat, non of them are anything like what is proposed by LWP, we can only guess what the residents of the Algarve Greece, Teneriffe et al would have said if the wind farms that they have were as big as what is proposed here.

Anonymous said...

Captain Swing, 8:18

The reason so many people use the anon instead of a name is so that they can write multiple posts/rants, being in perfect agreement with each other of course, and expanding on their own previous arguments, thereby giving the impression that someone else actually agrees with what they're saying. I call it 'blogspin' (© Eyoop), with a nod to Tony Bliar.

Anonymous said...

don mac thanks... but i was being ever so faceicious myself! but if i could afford it i would LS

Anonymous said...

i suspect these so called NIMBY's are actually NISEBY(WIHTBL): that is "not in someone elses back yard (where i happen to be living)"

Anonymous said...

Capt Swing, when was the last time you were out in our so wonderful moor land picking flowers or fauna.
Also were you out there cutting your years supply of fuel or do you have a large oil tank outside your house which you burn polluting the atmosphere.

It is Nimby's like you I would like to see without electricity for a whole week and hear you and your likes squealing.

Our Island is supposed to be a christian island but unfortunately it has been taken over by selfish Nimby's.

Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks eyoop for your advice and guidance with regard to anonymous posters, being a newby to Blogging I suppose I was guilty of taking everything at face value. I clearly made the mistake of thinking all posters were honest and upright Christian citizens who would not dream of doing what you so aptly describe as 'blogspin'(© Eyoop).

I must now go away and come up with an alter ego so that I can an have an argument on this blog all on my own!

So if you see posts from Swinging Captain you'll know..... Ooops I shouldn't have divulged that should I?

anon 1:47 You clearly don't stay on the West Side because if you did you would know that we do live without power due to the number of power cuts we get. Don't cut peat, don't use oil, only burn smokeless fuel. I also don't pick the flowers on the moor I leave them for others to enjoy. Anything else you want to know?

Anonymous said...

Let's concentrate on important things like making sure the LWP windfactory is completely dead and buried - with a large black marble slab on top of it, lest it should ever try to rise again - then getting the Sunday ferry going, eh? Now that would be real progress.