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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

SNP support windfarms?


A recent SNP recruit revealed yesterday that he had been expelled and his three-month
membership fees refunded after he "dared to criticise party policy".

Bob Graham, of Orton, Fochabers, chairman of the Highlands Against Windfarms pressure group, joined the SNP believing it was the "only party not intent on decimating the Highland countryside".

And he condemned what he considered the lack of courtesy in the handling of his expulsion, claiming he was offered no right to appeal.

He returned home from holiday at the weekend to a letter from SNP national secretary Duncan Ross explaining that his local Fochabers branch had contacted party chiefs to raise Mr Graham's "continued criticisms of the SNP Government through letters to the local press".

The letter contained three £1 coins, his three-month membership fee.

The party letter stated that the committee "reserves the right, in exceptional circumstances, to declare any membership invalid" and that it had decided his "behaviour did not uphold the basic principles of membership".

Mr Graham said: "I'm horrified by the sheer lack of democracy within the SNP. "Two of their candidates were elected last year on the back of anti-windfarm campaigners, one in Lewis and the other in Ayrshire.

"You could argue that the SNP secured power on the back of anti-windfarm campaigners, but there's been no moratorium and they seem to be relentlessly pressing ahead with windfarm developments."

He added: "They have approved the Griffin scheme in Perthshire and are umming an aahing about Lewis, so clearly the pre-election promises were purely to get the anti-windfarm lobby on board. Having got them on board they are stabbing them in the back."

Mr Graham said he would write to party leader Alex Salmond to point out that he had been "hung, drawn and quartered" without a hearing.

A SNP party spokeswoman told the Press and Journal yesterday: "There is a three-month period in which the party is able to invalidate an application, as has happened in this case. It is only after the three-month period that the individual can be considered a member."


Anonymous said...

The demise of an eco fascist who is masquerading as a democrat. Something to be roundly applauded I would have thought. Good riddance to emotionally overwrought rubbish.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean ABM & AA slipped through the net.

Anonymous said...

Since when was Fochabers in the Highlands? Im sick of people who have no connection with the windfarm debate sticking their noses in.

Richard Havers said...

Two weeks ago the Scottish Government's approved a 68-turbine site in Perthshire, it’s great news according to the energy minister Jim Mather. "There is no doubt that this country can become the green energy capital of Europe." This mantra's beginning to wear a bit thin and its time we started to think in a more holistic way about of impact of wind farms; especially as it affects tourism. And as some of you may recall Alex Salmond said, before the election, that there needed to be a curb on onshore wind farm development.

Methinks the SNP are just like the majority of those in Holyrood, they speak out of both sides of their mouths.