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The truths they don't want you to read....

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Read & watch this and weep

The Audit Committee evidence put forward by Messrs Manson & Currie is now available on the web or for watching here (warning: not for those with a weak stomach).

Having had to scan read the statements on a computer with a poor internet connection, I haven't got the full horror of it yet.

Your attention should turn to Para 389 onwards, where it appears that the preparation and presentation of accurate annual accounts is not the repsonsibility or concern of either the Chief Executive or the Director of Finance.

Apparently, that responsibility fell to junior members of staff, whose work was unchecked, uncontrolled and should never have been trusted by the Board.

Back in the real world, some of the former staff have full details of the advice given, warnings raised and inadequate responses from the top of the tree which they are ready to produce if the cover-up continues.

I understand that the employee who left on the grounds of "ill-health" has been working constantly in an equivalent post since the day they were paid-off/removed/silenced/gagged all the while whilst these farcical 'retirals' were approved or recommended by the Chief Executive who really didn't know what was going on, as management of the organisation was not his responsibility.

Sounds like a bloody good job - fat salary, free flexible travel on the plane, employ your mates, make a balls-up of the situation and get another job somehwhe elese with your track record and pension unaffected - indeed enhanced.

Applicants for this job should start forming a line now. Unless the Audit Committee bear their teeth...

Anyone else remember Alasdair Morrison refusing to condemn the Health Board at the meeting in the Town Hall?

(Can someone please pull TV file and post it to YouTube so we can have a permanent link? The community will be eternally grateful.)


Anonymous said...

'bloody good job - fat salary, free flexible travel on the plane, employ your mates, make a balls-up of the situation'

Perhaps that should be the islands motto from now on. I am struggling to think of an organistation on here that that does not apply to.

Anonymous said...

@ 8.37

here, here. (I would qualify it as "public sector organisation" though.)

Anonymous said...

I feel you are being harsh on Manson and Currie, especially because of both of their medical conditions. It is obvious reading the report, where repeatedly they cannot recall major decisions, incidents, events, and huge amounts of money going where it shouldn't, that both men are in the advanced stages of some kind of memory-affective cognitive illness. No doubt, if still here, they would be confined to the appropriate specialist medical institution. You should have some compassion for two people who are obviously affected to such a serious degree by their conditions.

Anonymous said...

You can't put that file on YouTube, it's 3½ hours long. Hope it stays on that link. I was at the Town Hall, and was appalled that it took a list MSP from the Highlands to pull the cart, rather than our resident MSP. Worse than that, the cowardice of the management, not willing to face up to the wrath of the people. I could go on and on, am very angry about this saga.

Anonymous said...

Can I suggest that staff who want to safely whistleblow, and make relevant documents public, use Wikileaks:

Anonymous said...

Have just finished reading the minute.

What a sorry tale it reads indeed.

I knew the chief exec was regularly off the islands but I did not know it was to visit his other planet!

The saddest part is that the man in the street seemed to be more aware of the short-comings within the Board than the actual Board members!

I can only hope that the Committee's report and conclusions are targeted and concise considering their obvious unhappiness and misgivings with some of the answers give.

Scott @ loveandgarbage said... will no doubt be of interest to you.


Captain Swing said...

Interesting snippet on the BBC Lunchtime news.

Well I never, fancy that, I would never have believed it possible!!! They lied, what is the world coming to?

Anonymous said...

cant get through to your "here" link, Angus.

Anonymous said...

cant get through to your "here" link, Angus.

Angus said...

Try this link,if it doesn't work.

Or paste this into your browser and select the committee meeting from the two choices.§ion=18&title=Audit

Anonymous said...

that should be on the NHS - they'd save a million in sleeping pills!

On the other hand perhaps it would be an ideal way for a "shipman" to murder - and torture - his patients!