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The truths they don't want you to read....

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Sheer genius!

Which idiot in the Lib-Lab camp came up with the strategy for the Scottish Budget which involved abstention?

For 64
Against 1
Abstain 60

The Budget goes through (and a good thing too), and in the process the Labour Party have shot themselves in the foot with a certain degree of aplomb. Having listened to the speeches, the decrying of the Budget by Andy Kerr and others made it clear exactly where their sympathies lay, and how much better they could do were they in power today (but not over the last eight years, obviously).

Hence to the vote - SNP, Tories, Green and Margo, presumably - sided for the budget, and instead of doing the arithmetic and staging a protest vote they knew they were going to lose, the idiots - the absolute braindead idiots - sat on their hands, in a show of decisiveness.

Given the option of shaking a fist and worrying the Government about their inherent power in opposition, they have managed to bolster the SNP benches, and become a laughing stock in the process.

I suspect the decline may be terminal ......


Anonymous said...

Yes, to put forward an amendment to the budget, get it accepted by the SNP, and then abstain from voting for it is quite bizarre indeed....and they must have got together to plan this strategy in advance!

The abstention was a mistake because Swinney is now saying on radio they had a 'handsome' majority which at 64 to 1 is true!

Anonymous said...

Wendy's real leadership skills are becoming quite apparant. How she's managing to bring her party into disrepute is staggering. Come back Jack - all is forgiven.

I heard on radio today he's due to take up his post as High Commissioner in Malawi. With him there and Helen Liddell in Australia can the establishment place them any further away from the action?

Anonymous said...

Hey Angus, are you trying to weedle your way back into the SNP? Your blogs aren't normally so anti-Labour.

Anonymous said...

I think Labour were just scared that they might win and then have to face the voters lol

Anonymous said...

Scottish Labour Party 2007-08: the most prolonged suicide attempt in history.

Anonymous said...

Incredulous eye on the BBC Scotland website!

The following stories are all rated higher than the Scottish Budget, which only merits a mention in Brian Taylors Blog. Talk about an organisation with an agenda. This lack of comment on what was an important issue reveals a lot about the editorial policy of the BBC.

Fishing leader disputes rats risk

Report reveals service failings

Casino scheme still on the cards

Old Town's revamp a step closer

Pleas to help save village shop

Parents campaign over merger.

Also looking forward to your blog on the kicking given to the planning inquiry by George Soriel. In particular this response from Nicol Steven about the criticism raised by Mr Soriel. "I have never at any point criticised the Trump Organisation. I support their project. My concern has always been that the actions of ministers could have prejudiced the application."

He should have known what impression his comments were making in the wider world and should have qualified his comments at the time.

Anonymous said...

yes, it is precisely this sort of south-of-the-border bias that keeps me on the SNP's side

Anonymous said...

Andy Kerr may not know, but the ability to make a meaningless speech, full of waffle, with no point but to make the orator feel scantimonious and smug, whilst actually doing nothing constructive for anyone, is know in the Council as "Doing a Maroot"

Anonymous said...

enriching the family,

What would you call the act of trying to be a smart@rse but forgetting to spellcheck your comment before posting it?

"scantimonious" indeed!

Anonymous said...

What is an smartatrse?