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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Year of the Rat

Happy New Year ChineseToday is the first day of the Chinese New Year, which is the Year of the Rat, so to celebrate the Chinese exchange teacher at the Nicolson Institute was the host and guest of honour at a Banquet in the Golden Ocean last night.

About 50 of us squeezed into the restaurant where a few speeches preceded the serious business of eating.

Mr Lu then entertained the assembled masses with a rendition of Auld Lang Syne in English and then in Mandarin, which brought the staff in the restaurant out form the kitchens to listen and enjoy.

The New Year was brought in with an excellent mix of foods, a wider ranging and diverse range of guests from School, the Education Dept and the Bridge Centre as well as friends and acquaintances.

The staff finally threw us out about 11pm, probably so they could bring in the New Year properly.

The ideogram reads "Happy New Year"


Anonymous said...

Are you sure it says 'Happy New Year'? :-)

Anonymous said...

願 .... 煩惱 =......... 隨風而遠逝!


"Auntie" wind

Anonymous said...

So its a year of feasting in St Kilda then?

Anonymous said...

Speak,ing of rats, I see Wendy's been let off the hook today.

She solicited an illegal donation from a non-UK resident but because she gave the money back the matter's dropped.

Well seen Labour still have 'friends' in high places.

Anonymous said...

That's not Happy New Year - it looks more like a New Year wish for something or other, and Google suggests it's to do with wishing good financial prospects, a traditional Chinese New Year greeting.

Jackie Chan says so: Gung Hay Fat Choy, so who am I to argue?

Anonymous said...

my dentist saw you last night mwahahah