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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

RET - the aftermath

Aren't the LibDem comments pathetic from those who could but didn't.....


Anonymous said...

Plus they could have been part of a coalition government, and had some influence in the whole thing at governmental level. But no. The Lib Dems decided to have a big sulk in opposition instead. Babies. Out of power.

Anonymous said...

Interesting point on newsnight last night was that Shetland current cost of a return car journey is £116 and under announced RET it would be £140 what are they shouting about.
For once Tavish Scot did'nt get to swing it in their favour.

Anonymous said...

My understanding was that they had decided not to take part in any coalition prior to the May election, they had also made a commitment to the electorate not to support a referendum on independance, all this was known to the NATS.
As for Tavish Scotts remarks he is probably quite right to voice these opinions as a constituency MSP, imagine the outrage here if the Northern Isles had been chosen instead of the Western Isles for the pilot scheme.
I wellcome yesterdays anouncment as a step in the right direction but as with most NATs manifesto promises it falls well short of what was promised.
I'm a bit unsure as to how the commercial rate is going to work and if the rates are confidential is that not just going to mean even bigger houses and more toys for the owners of our local haulage companies.
I recall Invoices arriving from a local haulier for the delivery of a pallet load at £45.00 yet sent by mistake was an invoice to an Inverness company for a simmilar load yet they were only charged £28.00.
Not all the pirates are mainland based.

Anonymous said...

the main news insisted (at least thrice) that the savings were 50% - i wondered if i was mistaken in my remembrance of this page - i couldn't get onto web yesterday. Is there any way that the figures can be spun like this, Angus?

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:32,

No spinning involved.

Based on Summer 2008 fares, a single fare from Ullapool to Stornoway reduces from:

- £15.30 for a passenger to £6.80
- £75.00 for a car to £33.80

That's a reduction of 56% for passengers and 55% for cars.

Anonymous said...

The savings are UP to 50%, which they are. The Government are not the only spinners, Angus is as well.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 10:23

You're talking absolute rubbish.

In only a matter of months manifesto promises are being met on more or less a daily basis - whether it's freezing council tax, saving A&E units, dropping bridge tolls, abolishing graduate tax, introducing RET - and think what more could be happening just now if Labour hadn't pushed through the £600million Edinburgh tram project in the first few days of the new parliament.