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The truths they don't want you to read....

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Labour in the Highlands and Islands

I find myself on the mailing list for the Highlands and Islands Labour MSPs.

Or more accurately a mysterious unknown correspondent sends me a second-hand copy of the newsletter, probably when out walking his dog, in the hope that I might think I am important enough to get a direct mailing.

Whilst the newsletters are vaguely entertaining, most of the document is taking up with the old-style unconstructive SNP bashing which is obviously designed to alienate the floating voter, whilst giving the unreconstructed Labour members something to should about in the pub at the weekend.

Can I solicit membership of all the political mailing lists? Good bits will be reported; nonsense will be ridiculed; and all will be recycled in due course.

Speaking to the Labour candidate, Cllr DJ MacSween, this week, I told him that the biggest problem he faces in getting elected is his own party, as they seem to be determined to cause maximum problems for all their candidates. He did not demur beyond saying the bare minimum he had to. Although, this being the Western Isles, local factors will come heavily into play.


Anonymous said...

I see that on the Scotsman website the two Campblls aka Dumb and Dumber, are getting a lot of grief re their letters to the paper in recent days (Fri + Sat).

It seems their ignorance is now spreading to a national audience.

Archie is Labour we all know, but the Vice? what party does he plump for or will no one have him?

Anonymous said...

Makes a change from Labour doing the bashing - literaly.

Anonymous said...

I see the Convenor and Vice Convenor (Dumb and Dummer 2)are stirring it up on the Herald letters paper.

(someone else can do the tiny URL bit)

They really are making fols of themselves - and us all

why do they persist?

Anonymous said...

The councillors' latest tripe is here. Read and weep. Look at the comments underneath!

The more I see of what's going on with the council, the more I think the clowns at the top have to go when this application is finally booted out. They are a disgrace to this island.

"Decision on wind farm is best left to islanders" is an absolute corker. Hypocrisy par excellence.

Anonymous said...

The middle paragraph of my comment at 11:10 yesterday was a bit strong, even for me.

I would rephrase it to - if the windfarm is completely rejected, certain councillors should 'consider their position'.

Angus said...

eyoop, please don't restrict your flow of bile and insults. It makes the blog more interesting.

Anonymous said...

I know, Angus, but even I have my limits :-)