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Friday, September 14, 2007

Askernish Golf Course

Askernish golf clubI understand that the impasse between Storas Uibhist (the community company who acquired South Uist) and the crofters in Askernish is about to be broken.

The dispute arose over the plans to refurbish and extend the nine-hole course at Askernish and create an eighteen hole course, based on the original course designed by Old Tom Morris. Or at least as supposedly designed by Old Tom Morris.

When this came through Committee I remember that it was fraught and contentious with both sides producing screeds of paper to prove their particular argument.

Relationships between the two parties were strained (to breaking point) at that time, and have got worse since.

Both parties are running around waving various documents at each other, both claiming that they have exclusive or first use of the land.

I now understand that the crofters have told the golfers to remove all the golfing equipment from the machair or the crofters will plough up the course.

It is appalling that matters have deteriorated to such an extent, and hopefully good sense will
prevail, but I suspect this one is going to end up in Court, with the lawyers doing well, and the community losing out.

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Anonymous said...

There was an interim hearing in Lochmaddy court today.