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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Colletes mining bee

Colletes mining beeOne of the great fascinations about being a Councillor was the ability to get confidential information denied to the general public, and much of it was fascinating; but little was repeatable.

One of the finest examples that was repeatable (with certain omissions) was the location of the Colletes mining bee in the Western Isles.

A fascinating creature, that digs burrows on the machair, below the sand, and at the edges of the marram grass, it's survival is precarious as the impact of humans, other wildlife and coastal erosion threaten it every day.

How it evolved, how it survives, and how it can be encouraged to expand it's range is anyone's guess at present, but it is such a unique creature that we should do all we can to look after it's environment.

The discovery of extra burrows and locations is excellent news and I hope that the Biodiversity Action Plan is successful in securing a future for these species whose life on the edge reflects so closely the life of the people of these islands.

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Anonymous said...

If it evolved, surely