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Sunday, September 30, 2007

European Marine Energy Centre

Alex Salmond was absolutely on the ball when he welcomed the opening of the test centre in Orkney as being a world leader in the development of marine energy.

He was also absolutely spot-on when he described the charges proposed by Ofgem as being a tax on green energy, and as being indefensible.

The best wave conditions are around the Western Isles, so the next stage would be to ensure that the Western Isles is "marine energy ready" to ensure that the working versions are situated off our coastline, and all the benefits that this will bring to the islands.

So what are our elected representatives - Comhairle, MSP and MP - actually doing to try and ensure this happens here? I can only speak for my time in the Council when I know that we were desperately trying to ensure that the infrastructure was in place so that the islands can benefit whatever the final renewables technology was going to be.

It is that 'whatever' that seems to be the stumbling block for some people who perceive onshore wind as being the only game in town, and one that needs to be stopped. This is so short-sighted and ignorant; as the real political possibility that they should be following should be to ensure an interconnector and still stop the onshore wind.

I've made it very clear that I support onshore wind as being the best option available to us at present, but it might very well be surpassed by new technology, and we must ensure the ground is ready for whatever the technology is going to be.

Or will the ill-informed neo-Luddites triumph, only to find that 'victory' impoverishes the community they supposedly are working for.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps you would care to move your family to Gravir as a show of faith in the interconnector and its assocuated high voltage power lines.