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The truths they don't want you to read....

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Storas Uibhist - not an apology

Brian Wilson has apparently been doing the rounds of the critics of Storas Uibhist to try to stop them criticising.

Not that I have had a visit. Yet.

The message is "The community enterprise must succeed, regardless."

Sorry, but I don't sign up to that, and I won't apologise for highlighting failings by Storas in delivering what they promise.

My message is "The community enterprise WILL succeed, but only if it takes the community with it."

Storas needs to be more open, more involved, and less (apparently) dictatorial and lose the appearance and impression of being a personal fiefdom. The public perception is not good, and that is not being addressed.


Anonymous said...

If Brian Wilson is busy defending Storas Uibhist, then that means they have plans to either cover the Uists in windfarms, or have a "community nuclear waste dump" sited there.

Of course, we could check the minutes of Storas Uibhist meetings to find out. Oh, no we can't, they aren't released to the public. Funny that.

Anonymous said...

i believe the chairman of stroas uibist had a letter of support for Brian wilson's pal Almo in the WHFP prior to the election. of course he used his business id but it gives u the impression of a board and its agenda. As the elections to the board are going to take some time to remove said writer it is up to the board to either support him and his ilk or replace him. the rest of us shareholders will await the first re-election with baited breath.