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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Dining in Skye

A taste of the veldt in the Uig Hotel, where wild boar pate was followed by a delightful loin of springbok. I skipped the wildebeest, as I was told it was more chewy and less tender than my choice. The crocodile tails were not available. No! Honestly.

Having been acquired by South Africans in 2003, it is being steadily refurbished, but the décor and the menu reflect the origins of the owners, and the staff.

It certainly was a fantastic option, served beautifully with a light sauce and modest – but excellent – portions of fresh vegetables, including unpeeled baby carrots, parsnip and swede.

And I didn’t have far to go in the morning for the ferry to Uist.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I beat you to the springbok tasting by a year!

Last week I had local fresh cockles followed by Pabbay venison at Rodel Hotel. There a number of excellent eateries throughout these islands.