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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Chief Executive's review

Basil Fawlty CnESWhen the Chief Executive of the Comhairle was appointed in June 2005, one of his first tasks was to undertake a review of the structures, and to bring forward recommendations for restructuring.

By the time the first draft reached the Councillors, I had already decided I wasn't standing again, and to my discredit I took less interest in the proposals than I should have. I did, however, express my disquiet that they were still in early draft and had not been fully consulted upon with staff, unions or employees who were directly affected.

Two years later, the proposals are still not finished, leaving employees disheartened, unsure of their future prospects, unable to plan with any certainty, and some desperately trying to work out where they fit (if at all) in the possible new structure, as revised.

We all know the impact of poor management on staff, and part of the requirements are for the leadership to be clear and decisive about any changes, and to implement them as quickly as possible to avoid uncertainty, and to keep the staff in general, as happy as possible. Of course some will be upset, but unreasonable delays upset many more.

I understand that the Unions in the Comhairle have had enough and have written to the Chief Executive requesting that further restructuring be cancelled or they will lodge a Grievance, which will result in external organisations assessing the process that has been followed. This is obviously a serious step, and one that shows the extent to which the Unions (and the staff) have become disenchanted with the delay, and indeed the whole process.

One employee described the organisation as "dysfunctional" which is perhaps a bit harsh, but the new council certainly needs to up its game.


Anonymous said...

The review was all about getting rid of one person, now this has been achieved there is probably no hurry.
There are a lot of good people at CNES unfortunately to many are constricted by very poor managment systems and poor managers.
It's really not a nice place to be

Murdo said...

I agree with border's assessment of the purpose of the review and the subsequent lack of urgency in completing it. I also endorse the sentiments expressed with regard to some managers.

"It's really not a nice place to be" is certainly true of the Corporate Services Department, which has become an absolute snakepit in recent times. I have had personal experience of this when I had to take early retirement after nearly 20 years in emergency planning, because the behaviour of my 'new' managers seriously affected my health.

That was in March 2007 and I'm not aware that the Comhairle has appointed anyone to take my place. Certainly my name still appears on the CnES website as the Emergency Planning Officer.

I suppose one should not make fun of the afflicted, but I can't resist sharing this gem. I understand that the Comhairle had to cancel a recent severe weather emergency exercise - BECAUSE OF THE WEATHER!

I had already started a blog to expose the treatment I received from the Comhairle after my years of faithful service and then I stumbled on your post; small world!

See the first instalment of my very new blog at:

Murchadh Ruisia