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The truths they don't want you to read....

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

SAC's and Barra Fishermen

How long before the entire island and the surrounding seas is designated in one way or another?

The Councillor for Barra has long opposed virtually every designation from protecting the "Barra Bunnies" to the seals in the Sound of Barra, all at the expense of the human population.

Our MP is missing the point entirely when he says that "We must ensure that no damage is done to the fishing interests under this Habitats Directive." The whole point is that the past track record has shown that a designation is followed tighter and tighter restrictions until such time as the aim is achieved - to put humans last and turn the islands into a widlife retreat with a few people scrapping a living on the margins.

The New Clearances.

One only needs to look at the Barvas Moor SAC to see the impact - instead of getting a new Tolsta-Ness road with the wind turbines along this new road we have ended up with the area being closed for any and every development and the long held aspirations of many people cast aside.

The fight must be to stop Designation Blight everywhere on the islands, not to accept any assurances from SNH on the back of special pleading


Anonymous said...

Who wants a Tolsta Ness road? Tolsta shouldnt be turned into a highway for cars when a perfectly better road already exists on the west side!

Anonymous said...

anon - Do you live in Tolsta?

Anonymous said...

Funny how you argue against complying with EU laws when its about responsibility - what about arguing against the rights to agricultural, fishing and Objective 1 subsidies. Either live with the rights and resaponsibilities or argue against both!

Anonymous said...

You're spot on with everything you say on this one Angus.

Anonymous said...

"The new Clearances"?

Gerra life ya eejit.