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The truths they don't want you to read....

Sunday, September 23, 2007

At least we don't live in South Ayrshire.....

Where the Chief Executive of the local council is 'retiring' according to the Herald:

Tom Cairns, chief executive of cash-strapped South Ayrshire, agreed the package after a confidential report said he lacked the "necessary skills" to take the council forward.

A source said, "Tom's a nice guy but I think the problem is he was promoted beyond his own abilities under the last administration. The corporate management team issued an ultimatum saying they had already lost confidence in him and didn't believe they could work with him. I suppose you could call that insubordination and take them out into the courtyard and shoot them, but with our luck we'd miss."

At a private meeting of the council last Friday, Hugh Hunter, the Tory council leader, proposed Mr Cairns should go immediately with a £289,000 pay-off. Labour wanted the status quo, but councillors approved an SNP move to keep him in his post until August 2008 before giving him a £233,000 package.

So, he's unable to do his job; he has lost the confidence of the Councillors; his senior management team have lost confidence in him; and the financial crisis in the authority is getting worse. Yet they decide to keep him in post for another year before sacking him giving him a pay-off in 'the interests of the efficiency of the service'.

And whilst all this was happening, what did the Chief Executive have to say about the financial and management crisis?
Mr Cairns was on holiday and could not be contacted.

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Anonymous said...

£289,000 for not being able to do your job right? Hell at those rates we would all be mucking our jobs up. And no wonder he was on holiday - he'll be away celebrating!