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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Lewis chessmen

My former colleague Annie MacDonald is absolutely right to request/demand the return of the Lewis Chessmen to Lewis.

Such a move is long overdue, and those with longer memories will recall that they came here previously (in 1998?) for a previous expedition.

At that time the security at the Museum was substantially beefed up, with new burglar-proof grills and security cameras, so my guess is that these have been checked again and improved further to modern standards and hence there should be no barrier to them coming home.

I recall a previous campaign along the same lines organised by - I think - Callum Iain MacMillan which met with no success, so perhaps it is time for everyone to get more fully behind the new proposal.


Anonymous said...

Care to leave a link to such a campaign, Angus?

Anonymous said...

I think the bishops should be allowed back. The rest, the pawns , and the queens (especially the queens!) should be told to stay in the big city where they belong.

No Queens in this puritan presbyterian place!!

Although my hero Bonnie Prince Charlie liked a queen or two. :-)

But about time we had a few more bishops here.