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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Ofgem charging

It is excellent news that Ofgem are to reconsider the charging regime applying to 'remote' renewable energy sources.

Alex Salmond has been bitching about this for some time, and the recent HIE report has certainly brought the truth of the matter home. This is great news for the Highland and Islands as Rob Gibson MSP is reported to have commented in the Scotsman, "there was no way that any part of the Highlands and Islands could hope to develop renewable energy production if the charges went ahead."

Obviously the prospects for the community plans in Point, Barra and many other places on the islands stand to benefit hugely, with lower costs meaning higher returns to the community. It also allows the possibility for larger community schemes to come on line,and crucially allows the potential for tidal and offshore wind in the Western Isles to be fully exploited.

The numerous opportunities should be opening up in front of us.

So why no comment from our MP and MSP? Are they so opposed to the large wind farms that they will sacrifice the communities ambitions for their own narrow view?


Anonymous said...

Not all SNP politicians appear to support the drive for greener energy. British Energy is behind an application to build Europe's biggest wind farm on Lewis, but has run into opposition from the local SNP member at Holyrood, Alasdair Allan.

You did your bit, Angus, and the local SNP kicked you out - they are the losers. Edinburgh boy Allan tells us how to live our lives.

Anonymous said...

Offshore wind, wave, tidal, ground source heat (huge in other countries, largely ignored here), other geothermal, biomass, hydro, photovoltaic. And that's just for starters.

There's a whole load of renewable energy sources. ALL have advantages AND disadvantages. So why is it that often, especially in the mainstream media, renewables = only onshore wind? Why does everything else get marginalised or plain ignored?

Anonymous said...

So British Energy's application has "run into opposition from the local SNP member at Holyrood". You might like to add that it has run into opposition from most locals too!

The job of a politician is to represent the views of their constituents - something some (ex) local councillors might care to remember.

What's wrong with a referendum in the isles to see how great demand for the British Energy's wind farm is?

Anonymous said...

now now anon. Your on the wrong blog.

Repeat after me...

SNP, Bad
Alasdair Allan MSP, Bad
Angus MacNeil MP, Bad.
Ministerial visits Bad

Get my drift?

The majority of votes does not count. Democracy is a crime. It keeps getting it wrong. All the above victorious politicians fluked it and are about as popular as Foot and Mouth.

(Did you hear Alasdair Allan brought it to Lewis on the bottom of his wellie? Its true! Hang him high! Yee haa! )

Anonymous said...

"So why no comment from our MP and MSP? Are they so opposed to the large wind farms that they will sacrifice the communities ambitions for their own narrow view?"

As a constituent of the Western Isles I am delighted that the MP and MSP are reflecting the majority view of the people they represent. You cannot possibly call it a "narrow view" and think to be taken seriously.

Anonymous said...

as silversprite says, the issue is far wider than onshore wind. if we want to have community wind, wave or tidal we need the equality of treatment that ofgem are now suggesting. our MP & MSP seem blind to everything but onshore wind and will do anything to stop it regardless of the impact it will have on other opportunities.