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The truths they don't want you to read....

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Little boys at school

Gents, remember starting school a few decades back?

Big playground; lots of new mates; exploring; scary teachers who looked like your granny; not very serious fights as you tried to find when you stood in the alpha male category; football in the playground; and scary P2 kids.

What was the one other common denominator?

Yes, the ubiquitous "How high can you pee? contest"*.

It was with disbelief and an unhealthy smirk that I heard that parents of P1 pupils at Sandwick Primary had been called in to be reprimanded for their sons taking part in such a contest.

I don't know who should be more embarrassed - the teacher or the parents - but either way it is like trying to stop the tide; it ain't going to work!

* This doesn't always stop at P1 - some males have been known to continue this contest until much later.

Perhaps AnonyMrs can tell us about girls going into the boys toilets!


Anonymous said...

An activity not limited to P1. As a new pupil at my primary school in the late 60s I was impressed by the older boys ability to pee over the dividing wall of the open roof toilet building into the girls toilet next door. Within a couple of years these ancient buildings were replaced with something more modern so I never did get the opportunity to test my own ability!

Anonymous said...

shirley under the circumstances "trying to turn back the tide" is not the best of metaphors...

Anonymous said...

Sorry Angus. You were misinformed. The story is not true.