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The truths they don't want you to read....

Friday, September 28, 2007


It is our making. But we cannot solve it alone.

In 1943 the UK recruited the Karen peoples in NE Burma to fight the Japanese with the promise of independence for their region. Equiped with Lee Enfields and acting like the heroes of the old Commando comics, the Karen fought a valiant, very low profile, but extremely deadly battle against the Japanese, drawing frontline troops away to the hills where they were the easy victims of a guerilla war.

War over, we walked; but still the Karen respect the British and expect delivery. Despite attempted eradiation about which we have done nothing. Except supply weapons to the junta and then turn a blind eye to the scrapping of democratic elections.

Of course Burma has oil which it freely sells to everyone, unlike Saddam's Iraq or Iran who restrict supplies to those who were supportive, and one might get a touch cynical.

But throughout this time a UK/Burmese citizen has been the duly elected head of state, yet has been kept under house arrest for 17 years, and the UK has done nothing. Belatedetly the US has lead the way in imposing economic sanctions on the rulers (like it did with Papa Doc and Mobutu Sese Seko long after the warning signs had been ignored and indulged, and shortly before the well-signalled end was nigh The UK has belatedly and ineffectually followed suit; probably embarrassed into action.

One only hopes the end for the junta is truly nigh, and that democracy can flourish, as the Burmese want it - and not as the US or UK would like it.


Anonymous said...

Makes you want to throw up doesn't it this pic and mix attitude to who is on our side. Things could be worse though, Burma might end up with the sort of democracy that we've managed to give to Iraq.

Anonymous said...

is this as in Planet Karen? see