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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Increased allowances for MSPs

Not content with getting about £250,000 from the public purse our MSP has joined forces with George "another whisky please" Foulkes to demand extra funding for MSP on the grounds that they are under-resourced.

The submission to the Parliamentary Allowances Review is sadly naive and boils down to two complaints:

* I have a large constituency (not that I'm special pleading, but...)
* MSPs do more work than MPs

The rational reaction to the latter is to suggest that resources are transferred or Westminster constituencies are merged, but neither suggestion arises, just another snout in the trough. However, I have no doubt that the absence of work for the MP will be picked up by the Boundary Commission and will further undermine the independence of the constituency.

I particularly (dis)liked the suggestion that the Parliament should rent a flat for Mr Allan, given that he previously promised not to avail himself of these parliamentary allowances, and he owns a house in the Lothians which is in commuting distance of Edinburgh. But, let's not let that get in the way of a extra tax-free bonus.

However, the biggest insult is that he knew the terms and conditions when he took the job (and a job with a very fat pension it is), and now wants to renegotiate the terms using our money.

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