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The truths they don't want you to read....

Monday, February 25, 2008

Having it both ways

Not having an in-depth knowledge of crofting law and practice, I tend to look at crofting matters in a simplistic way.

So when my attention was drawn to the Crofters Commission website, and specifically at the apportionment of 27 Knock to form a new house site, I was intrigued.

This Hearing only happened because the applicant and the Grazings Committee (who represent the wider crofting community) disagreed over whether or not the site was appropriate for house building.

What caught my eye was the paragraph at the foot of page 2.

A letter was received from Angus MacNeil MP on behalf of Mr MacLeod. Angus MacNeil MP has also written to the Commission on behalf of the shareholders.

Perhaps someone can explain how and why you can support both for and against? Or even better, can provide me with copies of the original letters so we can all fully understand the complex arguments put forward, to hedge one's bets.


Anonymous said...

Instead of dabbling in the finer points of crofting law, why is your blog (uncharacteristically) silent on the 13 Turbine windfarm at Eishken that our local authority seems to have approved last week?????

Anonymous said...

13 turbines - unlucky for some(one)........

The planners have made a significant error with this one and the Gov are jumping as it leaves them liable to prosecution from Europe. They are getting mighty annoyed at the bungling by the Comhairle staff and the snot being spouted by the arrogant elected muppets.

The problem is that the Comhairle planners have pre-judged both AMEC and Pairc in their assesement for Europe. I am told that this assesemnt is null and void and Gov will pull this in shortly and the kicking will begin.

The assessement is illegal and Gov are about to come down on Comhairle like a ton of bricks.

So after getting the AMEC assement 180 degrees wrong they have now screwed up a second. How much do planners get paid again? Are they properly trained, or are they being told what to do by others?

Angus - how about setting this up on a new thread?

Anonymous said...

Word has it an almighty legal action is presently being prepared against the Comhairle in repsct of this application.

It would be VERY interesting to find out the amount CNES have paid out in legal expenses over the last 12 months.........

Anonymous said...

why to we also end up in the turbine mire?

how many folk going to the crofting inquiry tommorrow.

will they actually get out of stornoway and see how grim the picture is with abandonment of crofts from Northton to Ness?

on the turbines - it would make me smile to see the council getting hauled over the coals (peats?). I was once in favour - but the lies they have been spouting are unforgivable.

Anonymous said...

Interesting one Angus

Probably the same way that you can have a threesome but keep it acceptable by keeping your jacket on

Or by winning an election on a promise of delivering ret and then announce that it's more expensive than the current fares as us islanders are used to paying through the nose for everything

Anonymous said...

I love the Sunday Mail. It is a truly wonderful newspaper which informs me of everything I need to know in a totally unbiased and easily readable form, with nice big pictures as well.

On very rare occasions it even reports on things up here in the Utter Hebrides, but only when it's really bad news or will get someone into trouble or damage a family or might help to influence an election result. People sometimes enjoy reading about this sort of thing. I think it is called "schadenfreude" in the German. Some people even go so far as to bring the subject up again and again even though everyone and everything else on the planet, including the Sunday Mail, has moved on.

But I can honestly say that the Sunday Mail is almost a "moral compass" for me.

Anonymous said...

eyoop do you have a magnet underneath you?!

Anonymous said...

No, but I have a magnetic personality.

Anonymous said...

yes, that explains why you attract filth like DM

Anonymous said...

Who, or why, or which, or what, is "DM"?

Anonymous said...

Direct Marketing?
Depeche Mode?
Donnie Munro?
Democracy Movement?
Doc Marten?
Danger Mouse?

Anonymous said...

Oh, I think I know who you mean now. You shouldn't describe Cllr. Manford like that, I'm sure he's a very nice man.

Anonymous said...

DM = Daily Mail

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:57, I don't think the Daily Mail, lousy paper though it is, was the intended target, but never mind.