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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Harris turbines

At the Environment Committee last week the Chair urged the Executive to reconsider the decision to have a PLI to consider the three turbines in Harris.

Quite right too, but the Comhairle is on a hiding to nothing without the support of the MP and the MSP on this one, and no-one seems to know just what their view is on the matter.

If they support the PLI, then why are they running around trying to tell the people of Harris that it's not really a PLI?

If they oppose the PLI (for Harris, forget the others) then why haven't they said so?

And who can forget Mr MacNeil's nudge and wink on the Lesley Riddoch show that HE would be able to get the Executive to reconsider their decision!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Heard him on the radio this morning. He is already claiming all the credit for SNH withdrawing. Is there no depths to which this so called man(what a joke) will not dive to.