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The truths they don't want you to read....

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Three days into the New Year diet and I haven't broken yet. Yet.

A final feeding frenzy over the weekend to consume all the chocolate hidden in the house (to keep it away from the children you understand!) was very successful, and we found other treats that were duly scoffed.

Monday saw the new regime of fruit, vegetables, low-fat cooking, and no red wine kick in with the expected consequences of unbearable smugness and sky-high expectations.

Tuesday saw the new regime of fruit, vegetable, low-fat cooking and no red wine augmented by the first visit to the gym for a few weeks. Making my way there in shorts in freezing winds and driving rain saw the resolve start to crack. Badly. The only consolation was the prospect of a warm shower after I was finished - and boy, was I finished after half an hour.

Day three has brought the blessed relief of some red meat. Albeit stir fried with loads of veg.

The absence of pre-dinner snacks whilst the kids eat their tea has been easy, but the introduction of muesli with skimmed milk into my breakfast routine has been contrary to the Geneva Convention.

Still, the red wine has been replaced with white, and despite the throbbing pain in my body from the gym I will tell anyone who can be bothered to listen that I feel better already.

I may even managed a second week of it.

Angus on a dietWhat! No biscuits?


Anonymous said...

Good luck with your diet. Luckily I don't need to being the tall and sporty type.

By the way, the accompanying illustration captures perfectly the way one of your other bloggers says all the Labour guys have been feeling since May.

Anonymous said...

I can lend you some of my Scottish Slimmers recipes... LS