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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Planning permissions

News from Wales on how not to handle planning applications.

Ceredigion Council have been reprimanded for granting approval to applications from Welsh language speakers irrespective of the advice from the planning officers.

The senior planning officer warned that the Council could lose its powers if it continued to breach the regulations by showing bias in favour of Welsh speakers, and he described the manifestation of the bias...

"What's happening is that time and time again we refer to the fact that the applicant is a local Welsh speaker. We have to look at the application, not the applicant."

and he continues

"Whilst the planning system should take account of the needs and interest of the Welsh language, the fact that the applicant is a local, Welsh-speaking person active in the community does not outweigh the environmental harm."

and he rounds of by adding

"Moreover it would be discriminatory to grant permission solely or largely on the grounds that the applicant is Donald Trump."

Or words to that effect.


Anonymous said...

McConnell had dealings with the Trump crew so the current fuss is just Labour trying to make mischief.

BBC's Brian Taylor's blog sum it up......

"This morning, both Alex Salmond and John Swinney gave evidence – again – to Holyrood’s local government committee on the Trump application. Did the committee land an effective punch upon them? What do you think?"

Anonymous said...

What's much more interesting today is Hain's resignation.

Yippee - another on bites the dust!

Come on Wendy!