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The truths they don't want you to read....

Friday, January 25, 2008

Lewis Wind Power refused

As forecast by me, it looks like birds are more important than people.

I expect that LWP will now submit the amended application for the Stornoway Trust lands only, at an early date.

A very, very, disappointing outcome for the islands.

Update 12:58 from Scottish Executive website:
The Lewis wind farm application is currently under consideration by Scottish Ministers.

Due to a large amount of speculation about the progress of the application and when a decision will be announced, it is worth noting that no final decision has been taken and Ministers are working towards finalising and announcing a decision in the near future.

Update 26/1: The STV report on the news is available here.


Anonymous said...

I expect the Lewis moorlands to be a hive of activity this summer with crofters, tourists and birdwatchers out appriciating their rich resource. Or will it be crofters repaying their HGBL from undeclared sidelines in their DAFS steelclad barns.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they just listened to what the people wanted, more than the council did !

Blow Hard said...

This decision is not really surprising, given that the MP and MSP were opposed to it all along, and the Minister was unlikely to expose them to further ridicule by approving the development. It is rumoured that LWP will now go into liquidation, and having spent millions with no return, this may very well be the outcome.
Don't hold your breath for any sensible response, or alternative proposal from the MP and MSP. What is the point of an interconnector now? It will be a supreme irony if the two remaining applications are approved, pouring more money into private hands.

Laudrup said...

Disaster- Its not about putting birds before people, Its about saving AA and ABM's backsides. Horrendous.

Laudrup said...

anon 1.00 pm
The people voted the council in.

Sunny Side Up said...

Disaster for the Islands. Last one left please switch off the light.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1PM.

Exactly - the people in the Western Isles voted in the MP and MSP knowing fine well what their views are on windfarms, and the same voters booted Macdonald and then Morrison out.

Anonymous said...

So Mr Allan and Mr MacNeil what are your proposals for bringing jobs, wealth and prosperity to the Islands.
It is now that you have an opportunity to show your leadership and vision.
I won't hold my breath

Anonymous said...

Good now people will flock to come and live in a delightful land and the population will swell. Now let us rid our selves of the Lairds of Eishken and Pairc and their plans.

Anonymous said...

Where do you think your electricity come's from, Never mind chust carry on getting the handouts from from the rest of the U.K.
What a bunch of parasites you are.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Radio nan Gaidheal got the story first.
Alasdair Allan obviously thinks that leaking the news to the Gaelic mafia is more important than wracking his simple little brain on what is going to happen to the young, employable on the Islands now?
Farewell Arnish and all who work in her.
Anon 1:24pm, you are talking nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Angus (I've lost the fuel contracts then) Campbell is already whining on in his personal CnES press releases. Wants to discuss how to develop the islands. The answer has always been there, free up abandoned croft land for housing to encourage more residents, exploit the tourest trade which at the moment has a pathetic service record and of course stand up to the Church - his council is frightened to do so. So the choice is simple - join the rest of the secular world oir if you prefer not to do so then remain a back water of Calvanist resistance.

Anonymous said...

Victory for common sense and defeat for the vested interest of so few by the majority.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 1:36PM

Our young people in this Free Church infested Comhairle controlled suppressed society will continue to head for the bright lights of the cities, get educated, get good interesting jobs, get married, have kids and live happy lives on the mainland - and they won't come back if offered a job on a windfarm! Get real.

OK the Skye Man and all at Bardon Hebrides will be drowning their sorrows tonight - as will Alasdair Morrison's cronies at UBC, but the vast number of the jobs forecast would have been taken up by migrant workers.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:52

Spot On

Anonymous said...

why are my posts being blocked Angus?

They will be dancing in the streets of Bragar tonite.

A real two fingers to CNES. Will heads roll?

"The only gay in the village"

Laudrup said...

anon 1.52

Stay in your cave.

Anonymous said...

Laudrup said...

Can't stay in cave need to sit at end of croft with my hand out

Anonymous said...

To Anon 2.37PM

It pleases me greatly that I'm getting to you!

Exactly which 400 folk in the Western Isles want the windfarm jobs?

A few years back Stolt built a factory on Scalpay to provide 80 jobs for the Hearachs and nobody wanted them so they had to bus down half a dozen or people from Lewis every day - until they closed it due to lack of interest.

eyoop said...

This is a very poor post, Angus.

"As forecast by me, it looks like birds are more important than people."

Absolute tosh. That's the kind of mince Brian Wilson would come out with (expect a bile-filled WHFP next week).

"A very, very, disappointing outcome for the islands."

You say that as if the islands are some kind of business unit rather than a community, the majority of whom loathed this particular wind factory. I can't imagine anyone actually celebrating this decision (we're too bloody tired by now), but it is the right outcome, not a disappointing one for all by any means!

The real question is, what kind of council was it that forced this application through, more than once, against the wishes of the residents and knowing full well that the environmental designations on the land were going to stop the scheme in its tracks?

Anon 1:10 has it exactly right. Real democracy at work here, though some dinnae like that...

Anonymous said...

Why is it farewell Arnish?

Thought they were in teh international market - Turkey, Denmark, Portugal - or am I wrong?

Two other schemes on mainland consented today - surely Arnish (if competative) will get those orders if they are as good as they claim.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable - when will all the anonymous bloggers who are against this development realise that businesses in this town are small, their proprietors are NOT wealthy and are frequently the last to be paid. The windfarms held out a little hope that they may actually be able to make a living as well as the people they employ. Roll on the Sunday ferry so that at least we may become a viable tourist spot

Anonymous said...

Perhaps if our council had not pissed off ABM & AA they might of got a better result

Anonymous said...

but the vast number of the jobs forecast would have been taken up by migrant workers.

And what is the problem with that if they bring wealth and families to the Islands? You are small minded, racist fools.

Anonymous said...

To Anon: 3.30pm

It's not a question of being racist stupid - you are just so ignorant of the facts. Migrant workers don't bring their families with them (they could never afford to), they live in huge work camps and send their wages back to their homeland every week.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps if our council had not pissed off ABM & AA they might of got a better result

What a ridiculous comment. I really hope this one didn't come out of the SNP offices on Bayhead. AA and ABM egos are to blame, if the council bow to them then they might get what they want. A sign of things to come. This comment also backs up the brown nosing between Trump and Salmond.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 3.49PM

ABM and AA are clearly more in tune with the people of the Western Isles than you or the Comhairle. Although your loyalty to the discredited Labour Party is admirable you really do need a realiity check!

eyoop said...

I don't think it's mere coincidence that the news came out on Burns Day.

Enjoy your haggis & neeps, and slàinte mhath!

Anonymous said...

Fighting like cats in a sack as usual, little wonder there is no progress on this island. However, when we are all employees of the Hebridean Wilderness Theme Park Company, let’s hope the tourists are generous with the tips. Better dig out that old bird-watching book so I can tell one seagull from another.

Amazing Alex Lovechild said...

I would switch off the power from the Butt to Shawbost for a month and let them go to their sheilings. Dr "Gaelic Mafia Godfather" Finlay and Catriona "when she speaks turn the radio off" Campbell have got their way.
No dout Dr Finlay will make another fortune from the taxpayers pocket by making another shite gaelic TV program about the birds and the enviroment.

I hope the council will make a study on how much the twitchers spend on our island with their occassional Pot Noodle and bottle of water.

Anonymous said...

Ok - I am confused

Just saw a certain person who I thought would be over the moon.

He said however this is just part of the "Appropriate Assesment" process and is not a refusal - yet.

He then had to go.

This is not how the press are portraying it.

Anonymous said...

Pleased at the outcome - subject to confirmation just yet. Don't think it's such a disaster, Arnish will still get plenty of orders, more than they can handle. Phew. Let's hope this also ditches similar proposals for Eishken and Pairc.

Anonymous said...

Where does this leave Pairc and Eishkien?

Do the same legal factors still apply to them?

Anonymous said...

It's not a question of being racist stupid

Racist and insulting.

Are you the face of tourism in the Western Isles? If so, we don't need windfarms to keep tourists away, we'll just stand you at the ferry terminal

Anonymous said...

Arnish will still get plenty of orders, more than they can handle

Says who, where are the orders? If your salary and livelihood depended upon it, I'm sure you make such a blase, throw away comment.

This is very naive. It is similar to our MSP and every other who doesn't want windfarms in his back yard because it's not popular with the voters but signs up to renewable energy anywhere but here.

It's a very sad day for the Western Isles

Anonymous said...

Bad, bad, bad decision.

3:17pm, I couldn't have said it any better.

Iolair said...

I see Angus "petrol" Campbell says in his press statement

"Those who opposed this development must now come forward and outline their proposals for the regenerating the economy of the Western Isles"

Is that because they dont have a plan B.

Oh dear

Anonymous said...

Whatever happens next on windpower and refusal of the LWP scheme many not rule out smaller scale developments people must realise that saying no to everything is not a long term option. Opening up the islands through affordable 7-day a week transport would be a good start to pan B, IMHO of course.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8.58PM

The word on the street is that the Comhairle's possibly have a plan B and it's 'community' windfarms on everyone's doorstep - whether they like ot or not. Environmental impact issues apparently disappear if the turbines have a community tag. Yawn.....

Anonymous said...

Surely today's decision is simply a big 'thank you' to the people of the Western Isles from the Scottish Government for voting in MacNeil and Allan.

Anonymous said...

Having recently seen a knackered community turbine at the Bays of Harris, and the collapsed ones at Lionel of late, I have come to the opinion that these are a con too.

We seem to get the same propoganda in the Gazette, week in week out, saying they are great - but it just doesn't wash.

Why doesnt the Gazette investigate these failures to give a balanced view?

All up for 'doing my bit' but many of these schemes appear to be a con (that includes North Harris I have heard)

Its not about CO2 savings etc but about making cash.

When will folk see through these shams

Energy efficency is the way forward

Earthtracer said...

What a lot of twisted posts you have! Anyone who has bothered to look knows that commercial wind is a huge scam that can only work at all because of massive government subsidies - and it wrecks landscape, environment and ecology as well as adversely affecting tourism. There are far better answers. Energy saving is of course one. However domestic and small-scale wind energy schemes; solar panels on roofs and proper house-insulation all require a manufactured product. Herdwick wool is processed for insulation in the Lake District; a firm in south Scotland makes domestic size wind systems and solar panels are fairly simple to make. Surely with a bit of enterprise and 'get up and go' all this could also be done locally on Lewis? If the government money currently offered to commercial wind were made available for such projects, even better. Either way, plenty work for a long time. But maybe it is easier just to sit back and enjoy being parasitic on big firms like AMEC, for the short time that that might be possible? Large schemes have a massive history of failure in the islands, ever since the days of Lord Leverhulme but a few well-connected snouts found troughs to feed in, I suppose.... Surely it is better to develop appropriate-scale projects that will actually last than to be dazzled by all the bling from the latest big developer?

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:06 PM
What gazette do you read. Well it certainly isn't the Stornoway Grey sheet.
I have not read so much shite in my life as I have in your comment apart from the Stornoway Gazette.

TOR Hershman said...

Howdy do, Angus,
I noticed you have
"Foo Fighter - Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace" on your blog as I have that also in my "previous posts."

Of course, I made a most iconoclastic parody of the cover art.

I think the Foo Fighters would dig it but never publicly.

Stay on groovin' safari,

Anonymous said...

I note on Hebrides News site that Comhairle backed the designations being put in place.

Angus - was this done on your watch?

Is the letter they sent in support of the designations in the public domain.

Whoever signed that one will be lying low

Anonymous said...

Credit where its due. Hats off to MWT for running such a good campaign on the islands.

AMEC always came across as arrogant and the city slickers who would steam roller this through.

The local hero - slainte to the RSPB

Anonymous said...

Poor old Price & Hodders will be hopping mad. Will AMEC give them the boot? Remember their statement:

"If you don't want us here, we will go away and not come back"

Well, there's your answer AMEC. Not only do the people of Lewis not want you here, neither does the Scottish Government.

Anon 5:12 a.m.
"I have not read so much shite in my life as I have in your comment..."

I take it you haven't read AMEC's Technical Summary then?

Anonymous said...

I can understand the egg counters being dismayed at the apparent loss of all their chickens. Angus 'petrol' campbell being the most vocal so far.

Earthmovers comments are the most relevant i have read here. We are in an excellent position to become one of europes leading lights when it comes to energy efficiency and reducing co2 emissions. The council should look into lower scale wind projects and wave projects. They should encourage householders to invest in insulation, greener practices in the home, (solar power, mini turbines, low energy bulbs, recycling etc).
Tongue in cheek fuel prices up here must already be lowering co2 emissions.
If the plans submitted had been similar to those rolled out accross the country, i don't think we would have seen anywhere near the amount of protests this plan saw. We would have got some work out of it and generated ourselves some of the millions promised. But at the end of the day all the signs point to these farms being white elephants unable to pay for their own investment.

Glad we are not getting this battery scale farm and look forward to a free range alternative being proposed!!!!

Anonymous said...

Why doesnt the Gazette investigate these failures to give a balanced view?

Sorry mate, have you seen the Gazette recently ? When was the last time there was any journalism going on? Let alone investigative journalism. Its full of oversized pictures of babys to fill the
page(s) adverts and rubbish. They could all be on hoilday and nobody would notice.

Anonymous said...

Just as a matter of interest, how many locals would have been employed by Amec and at Arnish, and would the majority not have come from Eastern Europe, rather than Lewis or Harris?

Anonymous said...

Message for the Gazette - For next week, can you please use the headline " Power to the People!"

The Brann Seer said...

Well done to the people of Shetland. You have shown the Nimbys in Lewis up for what they really are. Not only have you made a fortune from the oil industry but now you will make a fortune from your planned windfarm. I am sure you will not be shouting looking for money to maintain the the roads on your islands or looking for money to provide community facilities like the people of Lewis are already doing. Off course when the money is not there who is to blame, the council. Yet when the council try and do something economical for the benefit of the Islands the people turn against it.

If I was a councillor I would be proposing that no money be spent for improvements from Laxdale to Port of Ness as they want to live in the 19th century.

Oh by the way where is the referendum we were promised by our MP and MSP. Yet another broken promise.

Captain Swing said...

I surprised that there seems to be no calls for the Vice-Convener of Comhairle nan Eilean Siar, Mr Angus Campbell to resign from his post. His one big idea! is now no longer and to all intents and purposes he is a busted flush. He has no other ideas hence his call for those with some to came forward. There are many who have/had ideas but because his big idea! was so 'good' he was deaf to all other proposals. But how does someone with a good idea manage to get it heard when those in a position to listen, don't?

If the decision to prevent the development goes ahead it will be for the best.

Finally a note for those who do come up with a new 'big idea' get those who are most likely to be affected by it on side first.

Anonymous said...

What a shame Angus it is not you that is representing us at Holyrood instead of a plonker from Selkirk who doesn,t give a toss about the islands.

Anonymous said...

No LPW, no interconector to export power, no sizeable community benifits from any scheme on Lewis. Salmond has spoken - all renewable benifts for east coast and northern isles only to cover gap from oil run down till offshore wind and tide coming on stream in this area. West coast limited RET so easy to visit as tourist area.Nothing to do with AA or ABM smoke screen. Blow hard is spot on,future MP i think.

windy miller said...

How clear is it now that it is actually the council and the supporters of the windarms who had no plan b? All the eggs in one basket like BCCI?

Anonymous said...

On Saturday, a private meeting took place between 15 councillors, who could be rustled up at short notice. They decided to approach First Minister Alex Salmond to intervene and change the "minded to reject" to "minded to grant". Sends me wondering what the other 14 councillors think. And whether the threat of a multi-million pound EU fine can be made to outweigh the perceived economic benefits.
Hebrides Info 26/1/08

whoisdeepthroat said...

it is wonderful that an accountant ex councillor lets some idiot comment on 15 councillors having a short notice meeting and wondering what the other 14 councillors think. 31 minus 15 = 16 so who are the two councillors who have no say?

The biggie Q is - if this was a private meeting who told you what went on? and ... does this mean that the 14 (or 16) others are off the hook for being your mole?

I am sure that of those 15 there are a number that can be ruled out by their lack of association with you so the mole can be found out soon!

Anonymous said...

It was not a private meeting. It was an informal meeting. The other councillors were aware of it but as many were from areas not directly affected by the plan, they were happy for it to go ahead.

Do some of the people here see conspiracies in their mirror? They certainly see them everywhere else.

Heart Burns. said...

A duet ( for two vioces Kenny) composed on hearing about the "Victory for Oblivion", masterminded by those Great Towering Leaders of Our Time, Brendan (Foster)and Allan, to the well known tune "Goodness Gracious Me".

Oh Mr Angus I'm in trouble,
I'm as scared as scared can be,
Those hairy westside women
Are bent on kissing me!

Och you poor wee creature,
Do not frightened be!
Park your Micra by the door
Have a celebration dram wi' me!

But Mr Angus I did promise,
No ugly windfarm would come,
And instead of being grateful,
Some say my days are done!

a bhalaich bhochd come listen,
And I will pipe a tune,
And they'll forget quite soon!

But Mr Angus I heard rumours,
Not one or two or three,
At Arnish they're hopping mad,
Ochone ochone is me!

Ach Allan do not worry,
We're young and fit and strong,
Don't you want to watch me
Piping all night long!

Will Alex come and get me,
And take me to the farm,
There to have my bottom spanked,
And twist my puny arm?

I told you not to worry
My paycheck's in the post,
Of all the blades in London town
They surely love me most!

I'm done, well done,
Like your morning toast,
The punters they have found me out
They'll put me on to roast!

Mr Angus-
Why should we worry Allan boy,
We've jobs that pay quite well,
And all those Lewis proddies,
Can go and work on Yell,
Now Allan I'm quite tired,
I have some little things to do,
The Media to court again,
And do my derring do do do,
And do my derring do!!

Curtains (for them ) and much applause from all sides!

The electorate are fickle,

eyoop said...

Holy Toledo, I see the NuLabour Rudhachs have been at the cooking sherry again....

p.s. that's a tantalising empty space after "The electorate are fickle,". Did you actually mean to say something, or is it modern art?

Anonymous said...

It is quite wrong for those available (and clearly the townies) Councillors to meet in the Council offices at short notice to discuss this planning decision. Who do they think they are? I bet they were all the official and 'independent' Labour Councillors - and SNP Annie.

And as for Angus (Nicolson) saying " Angis Graham asked all the right questions at the time"...what does that tell you!

Anonymous said...

Bha a'chuid as motha na Leòdhasach an agaidh na tuath gaoithe. Dè mu dhèidhinn luchd-turas?