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Monday, January 28, 2008

Gaelic Digital channel

Gaelic Digital TV Contrary to my expectations, the BBC Trust have approved the provision of a Gaelic Digital channel.

But with serious caveats, one of which largely undermines the whole purpose of the channel.
  • There will be no broadcast on Freeview - cable, satellite and analogue only. There is no cable in the Highlands, and analogue is being phased out in 2010/11
  • The channel must markedly improve the quality and quantity of broadcast material
  • And extend the current audience
  • And be culturally significant for Scotland as a whole
Two cheers? Perhaps one cheer only.

With the channel up for a further review in 2010 it strikes me that necessity has forced the approval of the channel, but that the conditions are extremely difficult to attain, allowing the BBC to take a fresh look at the overall viability in a mere two years.

Meanwhile, with all eyes on the next review and the impossibility of the tasks that have been set in such a short-time, the future of the service remains (deliberately) insecure.

This option was always a cheap and easy solution allowing the Government to avoid a full-scale S4C type channel, by throwing a small bone and forcing the channel into a niche service provider. Which will undoubtedly deliver smaller and smaller viewers, whilst the highly skilled programme makers put their time and effort into good quality programmes that no-one sees.


Anonymous said...

“The channel must markedly improve the quality and quantity of broadcast material” Well that’s bad news for the Doc Finlay of Siabog.

Means that the shite his company MacTv produces will not get air time. And more importantly, he’ll not be in receipt of all that subsidy he so despises…. And thank the good Lord it’ll mean no more Catriona “Earons” Campbell on the TV.

Anonymous said...

Why does anon 7:42 have to be so rude and personal?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely, anon 7:42. I think this whole Gaelic thing should chust be scrapped and we should all carry on watching such culturally relevant shows as 'Eastenders' and 'Consternation Street', filling in the terrible blank half-hours between soaps with spiritually uplifting gems like 'Big Brother' and 'Dog Borstal'. Balm for the soul.

Och, these damned Gaelic people, making well-crafted documentaries on Gaels' culture, history and art, award-winning musicians and writers. Who the windfarm do they think they are? Do they think they own the place?

Anonymous said...

I think Alasdair Morrison would make a good Director of the Gaelic Digital Channel. After all he's currently picking up as many Directorships at Tony Blair!

Anonymous said...

With the balance of power now very firmly held by the Conservatives in Scotland, we can hope and look forward to them again being the only party to invest in Gaelic broadcasting since 1990.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.10 AM

I can't see local Tory white supremacist David Harrison supporting the development of a Gaelic Digital Channel.

Anonymous said...

What we need is a 'Polish, Urdu etc etc channel'! - This idea seems to be the order of the day for washed up politicians, jouro's and sad got nothing else to do in my life people who want to kill an indigenous language. Why? Because the people who speak 'THE GAELIC" a term of endearment from the sapiential folk are not part of this diverse, tolerant and non-racist Scotland. SUAS LEAS A GHAIDHLIG!!