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The truths they don't want you to read....

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Lochboisdale-Mallaig update

The following comment was made on the posting immediately below, but is potentially so explosive that I think it merits it's own post. The FoI request will prove the accruacy or otherwise of these claims, but if they are even partially true, expect fireworks.....

Insider said...

Almost there, Angus, but just a few corrections to complete the full picture.

Barra was not to be cut-off entirely, the Lochboisdale-Castlebay run was to eventually disappear, as 'the passengers could travel via Eriskay to Uist'. There were to two runs a week using the MV Clansman via Coll and Tiree, taking us back 25 years, and adding hours to the journey. All this was to be subject to 'consultation' with the people of Barra, once it was accepted by the Government.

Of course the Convener knew! All the non-executive directors were fully aware of the bid that was planned and submitted.

But a bit of background: the new proposal came about and was being activitely campaigned for by the SNP, and those leading the negotiations with CalMac and the Minister were:-
Angus B MacNeil MP
Alastair Allan MSP
Jim Mather MSP
Fergus Ewing MSP.

The Minister and the MSPs were told that this proposal had the majority support in both Uist and Barra.

The one person kept in the dark by his own side, and who was totally outside the loop - much to the embarassment of CalMac - was Cllr Donald Manford, the Chair of the Transport Committee on CnES, and member for Barra.


Anonymous said...


All this FOI stuff and who said/promised/knew about what, within the confines of an,allegedly, commercially sensitive tender operation is getting us no where.

The people of South Uist want a Mallaig service, many people in Barra would appreciate a shorter route to the mainland but not at the expense of the Oban service.

There are solutions,Coll and Tiree most likely come into the equation as do extended hours on Sound of Barra,but we, the end users, need to be advised of the options available both inside and outside the box.

Anonymous said...

So what's the explosive bit - Manford allegedly being kept out of the loop?

Anonymous said...

All this nonsense being fed to us on this blog is just typical of Labour's desperation at being in opposition.

I just don't believe that the MP and MSP would do anything other than improve the lot of people living in the Western Isles. It's simply not in their interest to do so.

Anonymous said...

It was obvious a long time ago that Manford was being used by MacNeil. The only surprise is that it has taken him so long to work it out. Donald has been a loyal supporter for far too long and he will be the next Angus Nicolson of the SNP. I just hope he sees sense and gets out before it gets even more embarrassing for him.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Manford was one of the main feed 'sources' in Angus's blog? Shouldn't Angus therefore reciprocate and keep Manford up to speed?

Anonymous said...

Angus has stated he left the SNP because he was pro and they were anti-windfarm but the FOI emails published by Angus show the SNP withdrew his membership because of comments on his blog that he was going to stand as an independent councillor.

Why exactly should Manford resign at this time?

Anonymous said...

Why exactly should Manford resign at this time?

Let me think...

- Because he is thoroughouly disillusioned with the MP and MSP
- Because he is being stabbed in the back at any and every opportunity
- Because he is being kept in the dark about negotiations affecting his constituency and transport of which he is the council chair
- Because he is sick and tired covering for ABM when he screws up

Just a few off the top of the head. Alternatively, he could just stick around for the craic.