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The truths they don't want you to read....

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Team Trump decline to be courteous

So the bewigged ones minions have declined to attend a Government Committee investigating the contentious planning application in Aberdeen.

The Government may not have the power to force them, which is a ludicrous and indefensible situation, and one that would normally have Alex Salmond champing at the bit. Strangely, not this time.

It is imperative that they attend so that the Committee fully understand the circumstances surrounding the application, otherwise the stench of dodgy dealings will never go away. And the sooner the SNP realise that immutable truth the better.

However, I have been sent footage of the Trump executives demonstrating their independence, individuality, and getting into training for their attendance.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, don't you see any parallels between the Trump situation and the fiasco with our fairweather friends AMEC over the past few years? We ordinary Lewis people do, although some councillors and ex-councillors seem to have a tenacious blind spot there.

I'd welcome Trump in Lewis, wig and all, if he planned to invest in something the islanders actually wanted, rather than something they despise. Wouldn't you?

Scott @ loveandgarbage said...

I would have thoght that both the SNP and the Trump team realise that non-attendance looks worse for both.

The evidence within the Parliament has not really cleared matters up. My main query is why was it called in when it was, when an appeal was competent and would have been successful. The lines from MacKinnon and Swinney that all planning lawyers knew it could be called in do not conform with my experience of asking planning lawyers and legal colleagues in private and academic sectors about this. Not one thought it could be called in afetr the committee decided to refuse (and contrasted with a decision that a committee is minded to grant that would then need to be notified to the ministers to conform with the various planning circulars on environmental matters). If there had been no call in and an appeal I suspect the matter could have been put to bed by now. Trying to play the system makes all look bad, and while I do not think there is the stench of sleaze about this, no-one is coming out of it well.

Oh, and thanks for the Trumpton clip.

Anonymous said...

My view for what it's worth is that with only a one seat majority the minority SNP Government - which remember has never held office before - must tread really carefully on all issues and take the best advice from civil servants and in house planners on everything coming their way - whether it's Trump or the Lewis Wind Farm.