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The truths they don't want you to read....

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Peter "poor adminstration" Hain

Peter Hain permatan twatPeter Hain (right) has already had a justified kicking in the blogosphere from those even more vitriolic and sweary than I, and totally justified too.

His latest statement (with no questions allowed) is a masterclass in evasion, pomposity, waffle and self-delusion, and proves that the 'great and the good' need to be culled often, painfully and publicly to remind us of the wise words of Voltaire "pour encourager les autres".
In a statement he said the idea he had attempted "to hide anything is absurd".

This from a Minister who is in charge of a vicious campaign to pursue 'benefit cheats' who are guilty until they can prove their innocence. Mr Hain also said the senior civil servant at the Department for Work and Pensions was "satisfied" that none of the donations had breached the ministerial code.

The public are concerned about you rampant stupidity, gross misconduct and general unfittness for public office, not about an irrelevant (for these purposes) ministerial code.

In his statement, delivered to reporters outside his Neath constituency home Mr Hain said that it was after the end of the campaign that "the extent of outstanding debt became apparent to me".

My arse.

Having got the full support from Gordon Brown, I can no only conclude that he is toast as soon as the Commissioner for Standards lambasts him.

However, in true NuLab fashion (learnt from the Major Government) he will hold on for grim death before succumbing to the inevitable, making it an even more painful death for his party, and bringing them further into disrepute.

Last words to Nick Clegg (LibDem leader in case you had forgotten):
"From what I've heard I can't really distinguish between what appears to be either utter incompetence in the way his campaign was run, or deliberate obfuscation."


Anonymous said...

This is a real disappointment as Hain seemed really wise and sensible and so I can't understand what's happening here.

However it's now clear his pleasant persona masks the same basic sleazy, cheating characteristics as his colleagues.

Our MP really doesn't need to work hard in routing out Labour's dishonest practices. Blair, Hain and rubber lips Alexander simply hand it to him on a plate.

Anonymous said...

Latest from the BBC....

'Peter Hain could face a police inquiry into the late declaration of donations to his 2007 campaign to become Labour's deputy leader, it has emerged.'

Why doesn't he just resign before bringing Labour into further disrepute?

No actually from the SNP point of view its actually better that he (and Wendy) hangs on in there!