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The truths they don't want you to read....

Monday, January 28, 2008

Kennedy backs Obama

My first thought was, "Has Charlie been at the whisky?" closely followed by "Why are the press covering this?"

Of course, the truth was even stranger. It's Ted "my brother was president" Kennedy.

Instead of having the backing of a hard-drinking political nearly-was he has the backing of a hard-drinking political time-server.

Whether the endorsement by a time-served 'liberal' with all the contempt that tends to bring from middle-America is helpful is unclear, but the BBC report seems to imply that the endorsement was more of a reaction to Bill Clinton's aggressive campaigning in South Carolina, where suggestions of racist language by the ex-President seem to have driven Teddy into pledging his support for Obama.

The BBC reports that, "Senator Kennedy is now expected to campaign with his son, congressman Patrick Kennedy of Rhode Island, for the man who would be the first US black president."

It then gives us the following picture, with possibly the least necessary caption of all time.

Barack Obama and Ted Kennedy
Edward Kennedy (R) is expected
to campaign with Mr Obama (L)

Despite the intervention of Senator Kennedy, I hope Barack Obama will win the Democratic nomination and go on to the White House in triumph.

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Marty said...


Thank you for your interesting blog. I enjoy reading it and the many spirited comments by your anonymous readers. :)

As your post concerns one of my countrymen, I feel compelled to comment. I am proud of Senator Kennedy for his vote on October 11, 2002, when he and 22 fellow senators stood up and voted against the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq. He saw it was a disaster in the making, but unfortunately could not prevent it. America continues to pay an enormous price in lives, financial resources, and respect in the world, for the war in Iraq. It is beyond tragic that more did not listen to the advice of a “hard drinking political time-server”.