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The truths they don't want you to read....

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Glasgow life

Glasgow knife woman racist mad cowNow I know that this is not typical of Glasgow, but I just have to bring it to wider attention.

Mary McKay was charged with stabbing Tarik Husan at a bus stop on Tollcross Road, Glasgow, for no apparent reason.

Mr Husan's friend Sarbaz Kamil asked McKay why she had attacked and she replied: "You're all terrorists."

Later McKay said: "I hope the guy is dead. I just stabbed a guy with the same colour of skin as a terrorist."

Ignoring the rampant racism (and why wasn't she charged with a racially aggravated crime), Ms McKay and her QC demonstrated a fine grasp of how not to plead mitigating circumstances. The mitigating excuse for her action deserves to be brought to a wider public, nay the world...

"Her intention was to take a 62 bus and stab her mother but she missed the bus and stabbed the complainer instead."

Read the full story here.


Anonymous said...

Good grief should that be scarred for life with one r or two?!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the kind of plea in mitigation the bungling Ramsey 'a Graidh' Macdonald would try!

Anonymous said...

This is a serious blog which doesn't seem to be getting properly addressed - at least by the two previous pillocks!

The Western Isles has the same problems as any other part of Scotland/UK. Drugs are as prevelant here as anywhere else but it's great that an individual has been caught red handed.