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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Drugs bust

The public seem to be surprised that £70,000 of cocaine was seized on the MV Hebrides as it sailed between Uig, Skye, and Tarbert, Harris.

This is the first Class A seizure in the islands.

But not the first appearance of Class A drugs in the islands, where there is a small but persistent hard drugs problem.

A public toilet in Stornoway used to have a problem with discarded needles, as well as being a meeting place for some groups of males.

I took the difficult decision to have the toilet closed (it is due to reopen four years later, having been rebuilt) and had to justify the decision on Isles FM, our local community radio station. Rather than highlight the drugs issue, I became the first - and probably only - person to use the word 'cottaging' on air. This provoked the phone call to the studio from an old cailleach (Old woman) who asked "De tha seo cottaging?" (What is cottaging?). The tactful answer was, "If you don't know, they you don't want to know"

But back to the story.

I understand that, the 'intelligence led operation' came about following another recent drugs raid in Lewis which - in best tradition of Angus Og - produced the dealers' detailed records of customers and suppliers and deals made. This produced another round of raids, more seizures, and inevitably more work for the Procurator Fiscal.

All round, a good result into which Muggins the Mule has sailed.....


Anonymous said...

> as well as being a meeting place
> for some groups of males.

? The Comhairle? Is that what cottaging is? You've lost me.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:54

Nearly right but the males at Comhairle are 'turbining'

Anonymous said...

Do you think this "cottaging" is related to (turd-ining)??