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The truths they don't want you to read....

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Nice work if you can get it....

Tony Blair rapacious gitSo instead of taking forward the small matter of peace in the middle-east as the Blessed Tony promised when he left office, he has instead got a job with rapacious international financiers.

Tony Blair has taken a part-time post with US investment bank JPMorgan.

Mr Blair, who stood down as UK prime minister in June last year, has been employed "in a senior advisory capacity", the bank said.

He said he looked forward to advising the bank on the "political and economic changes that globalisation brings".

It is not known how much JPMorgan will pay him, but some estimates say more than $1m (£500,000) a year. The bank said he had a "unique perspective".

Yes, $1m salary for a part time job.

Next, expect the dyed in the wool Thatcherite Socialist to become a non-resident of the UK and not pay any tax on that income here. Although the upsides are that we won't have to put up with his smarminess, and Cherie will have to go with him.

Perhaps this explains his knee-jerk opposition to having a higher rate of tax for the highest earners.


Anonymous said...

Surely Tony has paved the way behind the scenes for George W's current visit to the Middle East?

What should actually happen is that George W and TB should both be locked up as War Criminals.

The fact that TB's £500,000 salary is announced on the same day as it has been reported that 151,000 Iraqis have been killed in what was an illegal war says it all.

Our former MP, MSP and all Labour Councillors and supporters should hang they're heads in shame at being in the same party as TB.

Anonymous said...

I too find it incredible that he's getting away with it and that anyone would want any sort of advice from him. They probably think he brings stature to their company having been PM but he is far more likely to bring disrepute.

Anonymous said...

I agree wholeheartedly with the above comments.

Every time I think of those that have lost their life in the Iraq war I think of the Labour Party logo's red rose. I know it's supposed to be just an English rose but the association with spilt blood seems more than appropriate these days.

Anonymous said...

It turns out the Hain (who I actually quite liked) is a sleze ball too!

Hot quote from BBC website...

'The work and pensions secretary admits £103,000 of donations to his Labour deputy bid went undeclared'.

Rotten to the core comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

Not content to have blood on his hands he now wants to cover himself with blood money.
Then he really can claim to be a decent American in the true Bush sense and be welcomed with open arms and outstretched dollars. He must feel the need to secure a safe bolt hole away from Europe- Bin Laden style.

Anonymous said...

All of the above:

Predictable nonsense.

Tony Blair has been the most successful PM in this countries history.

Define what was illegal about the war? Under who's law? Given that the operations in Iraq and Afghanistan are both running under UN mandates.

Change the gets really boring

Anonymous said...

The whole premis of the war was fabricated and totally wrong and the whole world knew that except Blair-Brown and Bush.

I didn't mention Afganistan in my contribution so why did you in your dismissive response?

No matter how much you want this matter dropped, believe me it won't!

Anonymous said...

laud mouth - or is it rop? Define how you define legal and i will tell you just how many rules TB broke...

Anonymous said...

Bliar's getting a pay rise already, it seems...

Anonymous said...


"Tony Blair has been the most successful PM in this countries history."

That's a cracker!

Would you not concede that Churchill, who lead the country during WW2, did slightly more for Britain?

As for the legality or otherwise of the invasion of Iraq, this might be of interest to you:,2763,1160002,00.html

Most of the legal experts claim that it was indeed illegal. Still, I suppose modern politics is all about spin over substance.

Anonymous said...

Eyoop! He's got yet another job!