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Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Trump inquiry

As the Inquiry by the Local Government and Communities Committee staggers to a stuttering slow and painful death, some interesting and unusual facts to come to light.

Mr Salmond revealed he used his mobile phone to call the government's chief planner, Jim Mackinnon, during a meeting with the Trump Organisation in an Aberdeen hotel, then handed the phone to the US tycoon's right-hand man, George Sorial, so he could set up a meeting with the civil servant. He said he had done nothing wrong because he had attended the meeting in his capacity as MSP for Gordon.

Decidedly strange behaviour. Imagine the outcry if Lewis Wind Power met with our former MSP, Alasdair Morrison, and he placed a call there and then to the Chief Planner to arrange a meeting... (if he had even got through!)... the day before a major decision on the application was taken.

However, the best bit is life imitating art:-

Mr Allan, an SNP MSP, said: "What we have had is a very lame witch-hunt and attempt to nail the first minister, but they have failed to come up with an accusation to put to him, although the issue has been strung out for three weeks.

Or as his motion to the Parliament in December apparently said:-

Alasdair Allan calls on all MSPs, MPs, Councillors, Journalists and members of the public to desist from interfering in the crucial and independent Parliamentary investigation. At this time the making of scurrilous and unfounded allegations by Nicol Stephen and repeated by those who do not know the full facts will only prolong the anguish of those who have been falsely accused by muck-racking journalists reporting the facts. It is crucial that the Committee investigate the crucial documents that are being prepared at the moment and that the crucial decision to clear Mr Salmond is taken objectively and quickly, so that he can move on to ensuring that permission is granted to Mr Tramp.


Anonymous said...

What is wrong with Trump's money? And spare us any teary, romantic crap from the eco yahoos.

You seem quite content to accept money from energy companies but at the mention of ‘The Donald’ you treat him and the Amazing Alex like two spivs hell bent on lowering the moral tone of the nation.

Three questions. Do you want the money or not? Are you a hypocrite? Do rich people upset you?

Anonymous said...

Sorry Angus, this is the comment box I wanted to leave this on - not the Welsh thing.

McConnell had dealings with the Trump crew so the current fuss is just Labour trying to make mischief.

BBC's Brian Taylor's blog sums it up......

"This morning, both Alex Salmond and John Swinney gave evidence – again – to Holyrood’s local government committee on the Trump application. Did the committee land an effective punch upon them? What do you think?"

Anonymous said...

Two words for our MSP. CRAWLER CRAWLER

Anonymous said...

Our MSP said

"Aberdeenshire Council made a mess of the planning process and that is why the application was called in"

Translated as, Aberdeenshire Council didn't give us the decision we wanted and that is why the application was called in.

Alasdair Allan has a habit of criticising the local Council, and the planning process. He has done the same here with the Windfarm decisions. Maybe his next stunt will be to call for a referendum to ask for a ban of local planning departments and giving the power of planning decisions to his Lord and Master. Large corporations, get those back handers ready.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7.32 PM

You Labour guys are the one's that take back handers. Read the Peter Hain blog if you're in any doubt. Let's see what domino effect Hain puts into effect. Bendy Wendy's days are numbered that's for sure. Why you want to be associated with the Labour sleaze is beyond me and all other sensible voters that booted Macdonald and Morrison into touch!

Anonymous said...

Is that AA mate backing him up in the gazette this week. Was it not Alex Orr who he had up for the hustings in the college. Was this Alex giving Donnie a slap on the wrist for being a naughty boy.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said: "What is wrong with Trump's money? And spare us any teary, romantic crap from the eco yahoos."

I am an eco-yahoo. Ihave studied for 10 years and earnt a phd in the process of becoming one. We all have our own opinions, but please be assured that those you call eco-yahoos are not plucking random romantic crap form the air, but are attempting to provide the public with truths and facts. You would not attempt to tell a plumber how to do his job, or a doctor, or a teacher - so dont presume to tell me that what I am saying is crap. Instead I encourage you to listen to the objections and if you still feel that you would prefer the short term economic benefit over the long term preservation of our natural heritage then so be it.

With respect,