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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bridge to Pairc

The proposal to bridge Loch Erisort has long been an ambition of the people of Pairc to reduce travel times and improve accessibility to the rest of the island.

The plan by Nick Oppenheim to build such a bridge is, of course, extremely welcome and will prove to be a very valuable addition to the infrastructure in the Western Isles.

Pairc causeway

Artists impression

Nobody should be under any illusion that this is purely altruistic, as it will be necessary to transport the wind turbines, should planning permission be granted by the Executive.

However, it is part of the community benefit which the Comhairle has fought for, and is indicative of the sort of opportunities and the developments which the windfarms could bring.


Anonymous said...

Sorry Angus, but that's pure unadulterated pish, let's be sensible here, no way should there be a bridge built, there is just not enough traffic, on the road in South Lochs to justify building a bridge. And on the windfarms issue, can you say, without a reasonable doubt, that there will be no HEALTH issues concerning the construction and developement through to the decommissioning of the Windfarms? Can you say that there is/are no health issues whatsoever? And will the tourist industry be compensated for the loss of revenue, that WILL occur once these monstrosities arrive on the island?
My back is giving me real pain today, so I'm taking it out on you, not so cheery Tws.

Anonymous said...

I also welcome this improvement to the infrastructure in South Lochs. How this is supposed to help the construction of the Eishken windfarm eludes me. Unless of course they intend to push a road down Glen Ealaidh to Glen Ouirn and to join the Eishken access road at Loch Sgiobacleit. The Eishken access road currently starts at Balallan West End, and is still the quickest way into the Eishken estate.

Anonymous said...

this is just a convenient way for oppenheim to get rid of his rubble cheaply,don't think for one minute that this is to help the people of south lochs,this is a man who is a tax exile after all, your average tradesman propably gives that toerag gordon brown more money than oppenheim does.

Angus said...

I think you will find that Nick Oppenheim is NOT a tax exile, unlike Lord Laidlaw, enobled by the Tories, or Sir Philip Green, a Labour Knight.