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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Stornoway Tapas

rioja grapes, possiblyLast night we had an excellent meal in Stornoway's only Spanish restaurant, the "Corner Tapas" (700101 if you want to make a reservation).

The food was excellent, with a Lewis twist(!) to the Spanish dishes. Chorizo and blackpudding was one of my mains, washed down with an excellent bottle of white Rioja between us.

There was no attempt to make us think we were in a pavement cafe on the Barcelona awaiting the overthrow of Franco, but a well thought out appeal to the locals to try something different. Us 40-somethings were much impressed by the music playing through the speaker system; Talking Heads, Sugar Minnott and Nina Simone amongst others.

We will definately be going back soon.


Anonymous said...

> Us 40-somethings

Aye, right...

Angus said...

What's the Finnish for "Zimmer frame", John?