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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Election leaflets

I'm repeatedly being told that, in a fit of piety, one candidate has had his election address reprinted and is redistributing it.

Although in common with most leaflets he put his name with "1" beside it to indicate that he was asking for your first vote in a multi-member ward, he has decided that to do so in some way suggests that he is equal to Jesus Christ who, of course, is the first.

I'm not mocking his religion, just the complete lack of common sense which suggests that anyone things that the individual concerned could have any kind of Messianic Complex, or that by asking for a vote he is in any way being heretical.

If anyone can get me a "before" and an "after" leaflet, I'd love to see them.

It is going to be some patter at the doorsteps: "I'd like you to vote for me with a number higher than that which you use for the second vote you cast, but not one that is not a singleton. The number shouldn't be unity, the sole member of set {0} in the von Neumann representation, nor e. It shouldn't be it's own factoid, nor the first two members of the Fibonacci sequence, nor the value of sine at π/2. Finally, under no circumstances would I expect you to vote for me using the value of -12."

Presumably when this person goes to vote on Thursday then he is going to vote "2,3,4,5" rather than dig an even deeper hole for himself?


Anonymous said...

zzzzzzzzzz What a boring story!

Anonymous said...

I think it's hilarious.
I heard this story too and couldn't believe that old Moneybags actually put his hand in his own pocket again.
I suppose the lure of another £15k a year plus expenses all paid for by the local council tax payers was worth an extra couple of hundred pounds.
Watch out tenants, this will undoubtedly be recouped from your rent in the very near future

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, knowing him, he's probably holding workshops on how to vote for him.

Anonymous said...

As a christian, myself I have decided against voting for the christian party. Main reason being that I do not know him well enough to know whetherhe has been called of God or just fancies the job!