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The truths they don't want you to read....

Monday, April 30, 2007


This morning on Isles FM, I heard possibly the most uninspiring reason for voting SNP on Thursday.

"It's only going to be a change of administration."

Well hold me back, but I doubt that that will have the voters cheering in the streets and storming the barricades to demand Scottish Independence. That is the bland middle-management speak learned at countless seminars so as not to scare one's customers and epitomised by Nu Labour in 1997 when they promised to stick with the Tories economic plans.

As the Corries sang, "But we can still rise now, and change the administration in Scotland to be less London-centric whilst we develop our comprehensive people-facing economic strategy and probably hold a multi-option referendum in four years time, one of the choices of which will be an option for independence, but without suggesting in any way that this might include any element of republicanism, and subject to a satisfactory financial settlement between Edinburgh and London."


Anonymous said...

Maybe this from the Sunday Herald is a bit more inspiring?

Angus said...

Infinitely more inspiring. Why are the political parties so determined to dumb it down? Why is it up to the press to make the points that require to be made?

Anonymous said...

Ah, my student. Such naiviety. Such youth (well, maybe not). You still have much to learn from me about politics...

We are in the final few days of a multi-party campaign. The last weekend has gone. The focus is now on not (-ve) making any bad mistakes (-ve) that will stick in the mind of the electorate.

All 5 main parties are playing it safe. A double -ve does not, of course, make a +ve. It just makes for zero.

A coalition is the only option for leadership. Therefore, there is the double-bind of not saying anything that would upset a potential coalition partner. 4 of the 5 parties are following this line, the Greens aren't.

For the next three days, it will be dull. Except for the newspapers on thursday, which will save their most shrieking front pages for then. Look for twists on the word "Salmond" on at least two of the tabloid front pages.

My prediction for nationally is online, though I think now the SNP will do a bit worse and Labour a bit better. All so UK 1992. But that's a lesson for another day.

Angus said...

The really interesting part about the election is not going to be the election, but the aftermath. I don't disagree with your predictions, but there may be some very, very interesting outcomes.

(1) Labour try to hold on to power by whatever means necessary. That would be stupid.

(2) LibDems try to hold on the Ministerial Mondeos by forming a (minority) coalition with the SNP. Look out for much hard bargaining and brinkmanship

(3) SNP cannot form a majority coalition and run as a minority Government, pulling in other parties issue by issue

I expect option 3, and another election within two years. The winner of THAT will be determined by how they cleverly they behave between Thursday and the next polling day. Labour should sit back, snipe and undermine and blame the SNP for everything. Do that and they might win next time. Holding on by their fingertips is a recipe for electoral disaster nexct time around.

Anonymous said...

Personally I would like to see the SNP win just to prove that everything they are promising is a load of old tosh and totally undeliverable. That way they, hopefully, will be banished to the back benches forever.

Anonymous said...

Yea, lets see if "Its Time" or not

then great or RiP SNP.

Anonymous said...

angus, i can see a third way (so to speak) and that is a temporary truce between lib and lab - that is something i DEFINATELY don't want to see. Tell me is it possible (i'm not talking moral, here) for that to happen - and the SNP to get left behind and the lib lab to get in?

Angus said...

Yes it is entirely possible, but distinctly the worst possible outcome. Perhaps everyone else could build a "grand coalition", but I doubt it.

A Lib-Lab minority coalition would play right into the SNP's hands.

The Libs obviously fancy their chances as the Free Democrat Party in Germany, who were perpetually in the Government with under 10% of the vote, but held the balance of power between the CDU and the SDP.

Over the next ten days just watch Nicol Stephen trying to act coy whilst keeping his eye on the Mondeo.

Of course, Nicol could still hope to become First Minister as a compromise candidate to keep Alex Salmond out. I wouldn't rule that out and that would make everything VERY interesting.

I inadvertently typed Nicolson in the above paragraph - a real Freudian slip!

Anonymous said...

Indeed, bro {-;

Anonymous said...

Love this excellent and provocative weblog Angus ... tomorrow well I think this has been a fascinating election campaign and agree with you on this:

"The really interesting part about the election is not going to be the election, but the aftermath."

I won £200 quid when the tide finally turned for Labour in 97, but this time I'm sure I'd lose my shirt ... I think noneless Alasdair Morrison has run a damn good campaign so I think/hope we're going to shade it.

I just hate to to think SNP vicory opens the door to Thatcher re-run. Those of us old enough to rememember the 80s know that's just bad. Yeah I think Dave Cameron a very dodgy wolf in sheep's clothing and that only Labour really really have the people's interest at heart, Tony Blair's daft support for Dubya notwithstanding.

Looking forward to a Tommy Gemmell/Jimmie Johnstone/Stevie Chalmers debut from Gordon Brown

Hope you're enjoying your holidays!!


Anonymous said...

Oh by the way and to be more specific - "WORK AS if you live in the early days of a low carbon nation."

Anonymous said...

despite the best efforts of the media and sometimes the parties to bore it down - this (for me anyway) is the most exciting election that i have been through so far I AM VERY EXCITED ABOUT THE RESULTS - which may make or break the SNP... there is one good point if a coalition comes about - it will make people more anxious to vote SNP in future. Lab played a stunner though in their last political slot - they told us "be afraid, it is going to cost you" I predict this will work against them - at least in the long term - as no Scot is as mean and money pinching as they would like to portray us!