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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Planning permissions

The Comhairle have confirmed that neither Party have applied for Change of Use permission, and that both need this permission before they can use DD Morrison's and Lewis Carpets as election offices.

How many times have I been approached by constituents complaining about the time required to get Planning Permissions; about the need for Planning Permission in the first place; about conditions put in place; or, how to appeal against an Officer's decision? Countless, but these rules are in place for a reason. My business has had to go through them twice recently.

So why do some think they are above the law? Is it a case of one rule for political parties, and one for the rest of us?

Political parties should have to apply for planning permission
and abide by the legislation like everyone else
Who do they think they are?
Bloody chancers!
Damn right
They make the law, they shouldn't have to obey it too. That's a bit much to expect.
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Let the public decide!


Anonymous said...

Ridiculous situation. Glad to see a politician with some sense of right and wrong.

Anonymous said...

i notice that you have a number of decenters - they must think you are making a @#'[< of a difference!

Anonymous said...

but i'm afraid it really is a bit much to expect... anon same as above^

machaseo said...

anon #2: "i notice that you have a number of decenters" - did you mean dissenters?

Between bouts of foaming at the mouth while writing your short posts, please consult a dictionary. It would make reading your utterances a little less painful. A bit of debate mixed in with the otherwise irrelevant comments you make would help too...

Anonymous said...

Ooooh! Hark at Machoman! The tyranny of the intellectuals; condemning those less able, or with poorer educational experiences, in a patronising tone.

Those who can do, those who can't teach, those who can't even manage to teach become pendants on the web.

Angus said...

FYI: The bulk voting to support politicians flouting the law arose just at the same time as a regular correspondent posted. Coincidence?

Anonymous said...

Well I guess that means that LWP shouldn't have had to go through the pain of all the planning applications and abuse that they have had and are still likely to have. They should have just put all those big wind turbines up and stuck two fingers up to anyone that complained just as the Political parties have done.

machaseo said...

"FYI: The bulk voting to support politicians flouting the law arose just at the same time as a regular correspondent posted. Coincidence?"

If you're referring to me, Angus, then yes it is a coincidence.
I voted Yes, once only.

Anonymous said...

Angus - everywhere else in Scotland manages to let parties operate for a few weeks out of commercial premises without recourse to jumping through the usual bureaucratic hoops.

You suggest that 'Maybe I'm just old fashioned and out of touch'. Even if you had a point, has it ever crossed your mind that you might just be clutching at straws here?

Anonymous said...

Nation of shopkeepers
"without having to jump through the usual bureaucratic hoops"

Hmmmm, aren't they the same bureaucratic hoops that us "normal" people have to jump through everyday and which the politicians and policy makers themselves created? The same hoops that cost individuals hundreds of pounds to jump through. At the very least, the Political Parties should have to pay the usual fee so that the general public aren't subsidising them any more than they are now.