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Sunday, April 01, 2007

A weekend at home

How lovely it is just to have a quiet weekend at home for once.

As last night was the end of another (successful) financial year for our business, the directors held a board meeting in a very nice restaurant to plan our strategy for the coming year. And very nice and convivial it was too.

Just to make sure the weekend was a stress-free as possible, we decided that this was the weekend to start potty training the midget. So yesterday him and I went to Woolies and returned with his first pair of pants - Bob the Builder, not Scooby Doo or Power Rangers.

So far, only one slight accident, but numerous, uncountable numbers of visits to the toilet. All of which encouraged older brother into competing for the toilet space. Why do they both want (demand!) to use the same toilet, when the other one is free?

Only one tantrum - and that was when he was refused a glass of wine with his lunch.

I wouldn't change it for the world.

Update 17:30 - did we have an elephant in the bathroom leaving a "present" on the floor? Midget duly admitted responsibility.

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