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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My Future Plans

Am I standing again?


About a year ago I told my family and my closest political allies that this was my intention, but that I intended to keep the decision secret - irony of ironies – to stop the Labour Party putting someone up in my ward, and to give the SNP a better chance of having a representative elected.

My reasons for doing so are quite simple: I have a young family, a thriving business, and I was trying to remain highly active in the Comhairle. Something was going to give, and the multi-member wards proved to be the final straw. I knew that I wouldn't be able to give enough time to the new bigger ward.

I don't want to do any job badly, and I have made my choices – my family and my business – before politics.

I never had any intention of standing as an independent Councillor or MSP in May, and to ensure that I didn't bend to pressure from friends and political acquaintances, we booked a holiday quite some time ago to ensure that we are away on polling day. That is why I talked about a “Thoughtcrime”, in a move which was startlingly politically inept, ill-timed and quite obviously a crude attempt to silence me.

One of my reasons for delaying the announcement was to deal with some matters arising through KIMO of which I am International President, and to ensure that my international colleagues were told first hand and could make the appropriate arrangements to replace me.

The last eight years have been fantastic, and I hope that I have done my bit to improve the governance of the Comhairle and represent my constituents, but all good things must come to an end.

It is a sabbatical, not a farewell, and when our children are older, I'll Be Back!

The blog continues, so if anyone elected on 3 May wants to send me information....

As Enoch Powell said: “All political careers end in failure.” Mine wasn't a career, more a vocation.

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Anonymous said...

So you're taking the money, and have decided not to open the box. Well, well, Angus, I had you down as No5 in the ward vote. But good luck with your family life, and make sure that all your clients pay their taxes. Cheery Tws......