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Tuesday, April 10, 2007


tagineFor Christmas I got the present of a hand-cast pottery Tagine to vary and improve my cooking skills.

I've been practising over the past few months, and I can thoroughly recommend the purchase of one to every aspirant cook.

They are cheap, easy and convenient, and the food is aromatic, savoury and moist, and even I have yet to burn anything.

Tonight: lamb chops. Fry an onion and place in the bottom of the tagine. Seal the chops (or neck cuts) and place on top of the onions. Add some water, to half cover the lamb. Add sweet potatoes (ordinary spuds are not as tasty) and a sliced pepper, and cook at 160C for 2 hours or so. Add sultanas and almonds (mixed nuts) 5/10 minutes before the end, and serve.

Wash down with a nice red wine.

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Anonymous said...

sounds delicious - can i have some on Sunday? - little sis